What Happened To Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Blyth Neck and Face? Illness and Health Update

Alpha Jax Blyth, the infant daughter of Holly Hagan, has been in the news recently because it was said that she was ill just one month after her birth. Holly Victoria Hagan-Blyth is an English television personality, model, and singer who was born in Thornaby-on-Tees. She gained notoriety for her appearance on the MTV program Geordie Shore. The general public is interested in learning more about her, and they are all using the internet to do it. Continue reading the article to learn more.

Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax

Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Blyth Illness and Health Update

Hagan worked for HM Revenue and Customs and in sales at a Santander contact center before beginning a career as a glamour model. After applying for the show and being accepted, she eventually quit her job. When she made her debut on the first episode of Series One, Hagan was one of the original cast members of the MTV hit reality TV show Geordie Shore. She began dating other cast members while she was on the show, including James Tindale, Scott Timlin, and Kyle Christie. After 111 appearances, Hagan left the show in the Series 13 finale, which aired on December 20, 2016.

Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax Holly Hagan Baby Alpha Jax

Midway through season 17, Holly returned to Geordie Shore in Australia after a two-year break. Similar to series 18, she participated in series 19 on a part-time basis. Despite making several appearances during the series, Holly did not live there. Holly Hagan rushed her kid to the hospital after noticing a rash on his neck and face. The Geordie Shore star and her husband, Jacob Blyth, were really concerned about the skin issue. Holly Hagan claims that when she saw a worrying rash on her one-month-old baby Alpha-Jax’s neck and face, she felt obligated to take him immediately away to the doctor.

They made a call, drove Alpha-Jax to the doctor, and were happy to get some relief. She told her followers, “I woke up this morning, well, an hour ago, and Jacob came in,” as she cuddled her sleeping kid in bed. The physicians swiftly scheduled him an appointment after he called them this morning. So, we brought him in and explained everything. They examined his rash, which is present on his face and neck but was seemingly dismissed as nothing to worry about, and they prescribed some infant Gaviscon. Many followers responded to the reality star with ideas for things she should do in the future. In order to help avoid gastric reflux, which happens when the wind becomes caught in the stomach and can lead to discomfort and a rash, the medication is given to newborns, according to the NHS.

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