Who Is Olivia Caraballo? McDonald’s chicken nuggets lawsuit explored as Florida jury awards $800K

The Florida Jury will be discussed in this section because it has recently been in the news. The general population is using the internet to learn more about the little girl’s recent situation. They are all seeking further details about the young girl’s case. As a result, we have provided details about the little girl’s case for our readers in this post. Not only that, but we’re also going to provide information on the Florida jury since people are looking it up online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Olivia Caraballo McDonald's chicken nuggets lawsuit
Olivia Caraballo, Florida jury awards $800K in hot McNugget lawsuit

Who Is Olivia Caraballo? McDonald’s chicken nuggets lawsuit

A Florida jury concluded this week that the 7-year-old was entitled to compensation from McDonald’s for the second-degree burn she sustained at the age of 4 as a result of a Happy Meal piece that got loose. A Florida jury on Wednesday awarded $800,000 in damages to a 7-year-old girl for the pain and suffering she endured after a Chicken McNugget dropped on her leg and burned her to the second degree. In 2019, when she was 4 years old and visited a McDonald’s, she suffered a burn injury that drew analogies to a well-known and successful lawsuit brought against the fast-food restaurant by a lady who was burned by hot coffee more than 30 years earlier.

According to court documents, the jury in Broward County awarded the girl, Olivia Caraballo, $400,000 for the pain she had already experienced and an extra $400,000 for any future suffering brought on by the injuries. The family’s solicitors had requested $15 million. Philana Holmes and Humberto Caraballo Estevez, Olivia’s parents, filed a lawsuit in state court against McDonald’s and Upchurch Foods, the franchisee in Tamarac, Florida. In May, a different jury found that the two businesses were responsible for failing to include reasonable instructions or warnings on the packaging, such as information regarding the possibility of injury from a Chicken McNuggets meal, which contains white chicken meat fragments.

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Olivia Caraballo McDonald's chicken nuggets lawsuit Olivia Caraballo McDonald's chicken nuggets lawsuit Olivia Caraballo McDonald's chicken nuggets lawsuit

It was unclear on Thursday whether McDonald’s and Upchurch Foods’ attorneys will appeal the ruling. Lawyers for McDonald’s declined to comment. Multiple requests for comment were not immediately answered by the Upchurch Foods lawyers. They have 15 days under Florida law to request a new trial or 30 days to file an appeal. The family’s primary attorney, Jordan Redavid, claimed that Olivia had received “full justice” as a result of the jury’s verdict. The defendants have maintained their innocence and lack of responsibility for many years, according to Mr Redavid. He said that the $156,000 in damages that McDonald’s attorneys had suggested to the jury in their closing arguments were far less than what was ultimately awarded.

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