Doctor Who 14th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The British science fiction television show titled “Doctor Who” is about to return to BBC this year. Meanwhile, it was already known that the new era will have a new screwdriver. Reportedly, Doctor Who has revealed the first look at Ncuti Gatwa’s brand-new Sonic Screwdriver. For Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor, Doctor Who revealed the first look at the remodeled Sonic Screwdriver. The actor who also appeared in the show “Sex Education” is all set to take over the TARDIS after three 60th anniversary special episodes. Since BBC released the promo video of Doctor Who showing a glossy silver shade for the device along with gold trim, fans are speculating about it and have been left curious. People who are scrambling to the internet regarding the same, are asked to stick with this page and read it till the end to know more. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Doctor Who 14th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who 14th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver

The promo video shows Sonic Energy appearing blue in the new Screwdriver. It is the favorite tool of the doctor as it helped him out of many a jam. In fact, it is a weapon to scare off opponents. It can unlock a door during a corridor chase. The second Doctor of Patrick Troughton was the first to use Sonic Screwdriver. Meanwhile, the Screwdriver became one of the most recognizable things in the series. Russell T Davies who is the showrunner disclosed the revamped device ahead of the show’s 60th anniversary which will be commemorated later this year. Continue reading this article and learn more details about Doctor Who.

Notably, Catherine Tate and David Tennant will reunite for three special episodes on the 60th anniversary of the show. In the special episodes of Doctor Who, David Tennant and Catherine Tate will face a mysterious villain who is portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. While Gatwa is eyeing to take over TARDIS in the special episode. New companion Ruby Sunday will also join in the year’s Christmas special. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Earlier this week an announcement was made that the filming of Gatwa’s first full series has wrapped and it is expected to premier next year. While Doctor Who will make its return later this year and it will air on BBC One in the United Kingdom. However, it can also be streamed on Disney+. The show airs on BBC America in the US. Stay tuned.

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