Fact Check: Is Ariana Grande Pregnant 2023? Super Bowl Pictures Goes Viral On Social Media

Ariana Grande is a well-known name in the music industry and she gave many hit songs. People really love her voice and her looks always attract people. She is quite popular and people really love her. Apart from singing, she also worked in many sitcoms and entertain her fans with her acting. This American singer, actress and songwriter have given many popular hits which we can easily hear at parties. But right now, she is attracting netizens due to a rumour which is spread like wildfire.

Ariana Grande Pregnant

Is Ariana Grande Pregnant 2023 Super Bowl?

There are many hearsays that have recently surfaced stating that Ariana Grande is pregnant, however, many of her fans are believing this news to be fake and that is why they came here to assert it. Let’s find out the reality of this rumour along with more details about her. She established herself in the music industry and that is why it is not surprising to see her name in rumours. Earlier, Ariana Grande got married to Dalton Gomez on 15th May 2021 and now many websites are claiming that she is pregnant and expecting her 1st child at the time of the 2023 Super Bowl. People are not believing this news and want to know the authenticity of this news.

Ariana Grande Pregnant

Now we are asserting that these assertions are not true and unsupported. There is no such evidence or photos came fore which can assert this claim. In fact, at present, she is not in the mental state to conceive pregnancy as she is suffering from anxiety attacks which may be the reason for his weight increase and this weight increase confuse some of her fans that she is pregnant. The singer has experienced physical pain because of her mental health concerns and emotional distress which is obvious to result in changes in body shape or size sans being directly tied to pregnancy-connected hormones.

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Ariana Grande Pregnant

All the photos circulating on the web relating to her pregnancy are completely fake. So we are requesting people stop sharing such photos and news which is spreading fake news. Don’t entertain such fake news as it is the waste of time and only believe after you get authentic proof of it. So we are debunking the rumours of her pregnancy but whenever real news came, we will surely be the 1st ones to share it with our readers. As of now, she is focusing on her music career and taking care of her health. She is quite popular in the music industry as she marked her debut at the age of 15 and since then she is entertaining her fans.

Ariana Grande Pregnant

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