Piers Morgan Interviews Conor Benn About Failed Drugs Test And Boxing Future Goes Viral

Conor Benn says that he will not cooperate with the British Boxing Board of Control. What happened to Benn? Why was his license canceled? He was said to test positive for using a banned substance, I.e., Clomiphene. You will get complete details about the incident. Keep reading for more details. The drug is usually for increasing fertility in women. It also increases testosterone in men. He mentions that he has not taken any drugs. He was removed from the WBC rankings. Later, he showed sanctioning body a 270-page dossier that proves his innocence. The dossier was reviewed that shows that Ben was not involved in any drug-related issue. WBC did not find any evidence of him being involved in any intentional ingestion of Clomiphene. 

Piers Morgan Conor Benn Interview

Piers Morgan Conor Benn Interview

He did not share the documents with the British Boxing Board of Control and gave his license to UK’s governing body. While he appeared on Piers Morgan’s show, he was asked by him about the reason behind not cooperating with the British Boxing Corporation Board of Control. He mentions that his father tore up the license. He also mentions that the board cannot stop him from fighting. He got a reply that he can be stopped for fighting in the UK. He further says that it will be fine if I won’t able to fight in that country. He also mentions that he was filed with seven charges. The first was for wanting the fight to continue and the second was for not informing Eubank immediately. 

He was again poked with the question of why he wouldn’t hand over the dossier. He mentions that it is a legal team matter. He later says that it has become an issue of pride. He says that he does not need to be licensed for fighting. Morgan suggested he should publish the dossier on the internet and let the public decide. He replied that he just wants to trust himself and no one else at this point. According to some sources, he says that he will sue BBBoC for loss of earnings and reputation. Morden also mentioned that the only way he can come in good books and show his honesty is by allowing BBBoC to investigate properly. Benn replies that he will not accept any such thing as the damage has been done already. This was all about the incident.

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