Who Is Soren Aldaco? Women Sue Doctors For $1 Million Over Failed Transgender Surgery

Soren Adaco, this name is in the top headline right now. This name is currently making rounds on the internet. A lot of people are very confused and they want to know who is Soren Aldaco. So, Soren is a woman who is currently trending. She is a resident of Texas. Currently, she is troubled by a big controversy. She has seemed total of $1 million from a doctor because of the failed trans surgery. This case is very shocking and strange. We all have listened to this type of case for the very first time. Read this article till the end.

Soren Aldaco

Who Is Soren Aldaco?

Soren Aldaco is a 23-year-old woman who is from Texas. She has sued a doctor for testosterone treatment when she was just 17 years old. And also for a batched double mastectomy. The alleged doctor has pushed transition which has caused irreversible harm, and also its disfigurement. This is a very serious case. This case has highlighted concerns over the gender-affirming care for people who are minors and it needs some caution over medical cases. The woman is facing a lot of difficulties. She has met with a very difficult problem after having a medical procedure at a teenage. The name of the doctor is not disclosed yet. Now look at the next stanza of this article.

Who Is Soren Aldaco

Soren Aldaco is a very young woman. She is just 23 years old. She has complaint a file against a doctor. A 29-page complaint against the doctor. She was a very emotional and confused teenager when a doctor who is Austin and Forth Worth advised her to transition and become a boy. The doctors suggested her to do cross-sex hormones surgery and she should undergo a double mastectomy. Aldaco’s lawyer said that the doctors suggested to her that they are ideologues. They really influenced her to do a transition. They didn’t discuss much about the surgery and they even didn’t tell her that this is a irreversible procedure.

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Women Sues Doctors For $1 Million Over Failed Transgender Surgery

The surgery was a double breast removal which refers to as a mastectomy. This surgery left Advaco with some serious physical complications. The doctors removed her breast and this is a very serious case for a girl. And it happened at a time when she was living in just her teenage. This treatment causes damage to her body. Advaco has given a statement, in her statement she said that she is going to fight against the doctor and she is definitely going to win. And she is also receiving support from the people on internet.

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