MSU Shooting Victim: Who was Arielle Anderson From Grosse Pointe? Family and Parents

The shooting at MSU is still haunting the people and whoever is hearing this news is showing their concern toward the victim. There are many people who are not aware of the details of the shooting and they want to know how many people lost their lives and who was the suspect and what is the motivation of this shooting. According to the reports, this deadly shooting happened on Monday, 13th February 2023 at Michigan State University where 3 people lost their lives and 5 were badly injured. All these injured people were admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

Arielle Anderson

Who was Arielle Anderson From Grosse Pointe?

Now out of these dead people, we will share the information about Arielle Anderson. She was one of the sufferers of the MSU lethal shooting. The shooting occurred at around 08:18 PM, Michigan State University Police and Public Safety reported the shooting incident that occurred in Berkey Hall on the campus of Michigan State University. Now the suspect has been identified as Anthony McRae. The gunman at the first shot and assassinated 2 pupils in Berkey Hall and left the building.

Arielle Anderson

After hearing the shots sound other students got scared and started running here there and meanwhile the suspect entered 2 classrooms where pupils barricaded doors and they attempted to run away with the help of windows. After that, McRae left Berkey Hall and entered the MSU Union building, assassinating a 3rd person and wounding 5 others. Arielle Anderson was one of the 3 individuals who lost their lives in this shooting. As per the police department of the university, she was a junior student and hailed from Grosse Pointe located in Michigan.

Victims of the Michigan State University shooting
Victims of the Michigan State University shooting

She was a medical student and aspiring to be a surgeon. She completed her graduation from high school. 2 other sufferers were also recognized, one was Brian Fraser, a sophomore who also hailed from Grosse Pointe and another one was Alexandria Verner, a junior who hailed from Clawson, located in Michigan. The 5 other sufferers whose identities have not been disclosed. All these wounded people are currently admitted to the hospital and they are in critical condition. The family of Arielle has issued a statement after asserting her as one of the MSU shooting sufferers.

The released statement reads that “We lost our beautiful and precious daughter, sister, friend, niece, granddaughter, and cousin, Arielle Anderson. Her passing news is shocking for us and we still can’t believe the fact that she is no more. She lost her life without any fault and we just only want justice for her and other victims as well.” Arielle was explained as a loving person who was passionate about aiding her pals and family. The suspect was born in Delaware and a citizen of Lansing, located in Michigan.

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