Where to Watch Global Chess League 2023 Live? Results, teams, standings

There are many sports to watch but people mostly prefer to watch those matches because they have an interest in it. Usually, people love to watch Cricket, Football, Basketball, and so on but there are many people who love to watch Chess games. This game needs no kind of physical ability as it is totally based on a mind game and only sharp-minded people are able to play it yet it is quite popular to play and most parents want their children to play this game in order to sharpen their minds. This game is also played on an international level and just like other games it also has many leagues.

Global Chess League 2023 Live

Where to Watch Global Chess League 2023 Live?

Global Chess League is one such game that is played on an International level and many people are quite keen to know where and how they can watch it. No need to get worried as we came here to tell our loyal readers the information which they are looking for on other websites but could not able to find it. According to the reports, this league can be watched on JioCinema and this news has been announced as the Over-The-Top (OTT) partner for the inaugural edition of the league. This app will stream all the matches of this league live which is already started from Thursday, 22nd June 2023.

The main motive of this partnership is to bring the league closer to a larger audience and to promote this game. Now those who are thinking about the price of its subscription need to relax as this platform is not charging any money which means it is free to watch and anyone can watch it. This will help the app to grow and a great promotion to the game. Now speaking about the format of the game, it features a different mixed-team format that includes 6 franchises competing in a total of 10 matches.

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All the matches will follow a double round-robin format and the winner of each match will be determined through a best-of-six board scoring system played at the same time. The top 2 teams will then advance to participate in the next tournament which is the “Global Chess League Championship”. The fight for this title will be organized on Wednesday, 2nd July 2023. Chairperson of the Global Chess League Board, Jagdish Mitra expressed confidence that the league will become the most-viewed and involving chess league all over the world. Now the collaboration of the board with JioCinema is expected to create new standards for engagement, as the league focuses to reach new heights and promote chess on a worldwide scale.

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