Is Mick Thomson signed ESP Guitar and Fishman?

Recently the news about Mick Thomson is going viral over the internet. And to find any supported information public is going all over the internet to find information regarding this news. Thomson’s wife and his guitar tech have both published posts on their social media account that supported the viral news on the internet. The public is looking forward to seeing these switches that Mick Thomson has made. After the slipknot maestro has spotted playing in ESPs live during the recent band shows in Japan. It became a piece of news over the internet.

mick thomson esp guitar

Mick Thomson Esp Guitar

The news has gone like Slipknot’s Mick Thomson has left both Jackson and Seymour Duncan in their move and seems to switch to the ranks of ESPs and Fishman. Thomson, who shared a band with Slipknot member Jim Root and was a Fender brands artist with two signature guitars to his credit, appears to have switched guitar and pickup manufacturers recently, according to rumors that started when he was seen playing several ESP guitars during recent Slipknot performances.

In the recent pictures and videos that were taken from Slipknot live shows in Japan, Thomson was seen exclusively wielding ESP models. That was Including the SuperStratesque horizon, V-Style Arrow electric guitars, and single-cut Eclipse. And prompting intense hypotheses from fans. After this speculation, the news was further fueled by the social media post that was made by both his guitar tech who are Mike Smith, and his wife Stacy Thomson. In their post, they both asked for the opinion of the public and showcase what is Mick’s Latest axe of choice. Stacy posted a picture of mask-clad Thomson while he was grabbing the ESP guitar. The caption of the post is “some news”. That was followed by a better look if the same guitar. Smith also posted a post on their social media account and offered the look of Thomson’s new ESP-heavy guitar rack.

Stacy Thomson also tweeted a now-expired video of Mick walking on stage as he prepared to play “one of his ESPs for the first time,” as noticed by YouTuber Jamie Slays, who compiled some live footage. In terms of Smith’s social media activity, his photo, which featured five different ESP models, not only appeared to corroborate Thomson’s sponsorship change but also informed fans that he had also switched from Seymour Duncan to Fishman, with a signature set possibly in the works. In the comment section when someone asked whether Thomson had left Seymour Duncan Smith replied yes to that comment.

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