Canada Vs Japan Highlight: Canada Beat Japan (3-2) In Japan Curling Championships

With the uneven weekend opening at the world men’s curling championship in Ottawa. Canadian team delivered a vintage performance at the event. In a 6-3 victory over a tenacious Japanese team on Monday at TD Place, Gushue, and vice Mark Nichols demonstrated their shotmaking prowess, and the front end of Geoff Walker and E.J. Harnden also delivered. Gushue said in his statement that they are in the position to must win for a will now. They don’t want to get too far from the 8-ball knowing some of the teams that they have left.

Japan Curling Championships

Japan Curling Championships: Canada Vs Japan Highlight

After seven sessions, Canada (3-2) and Joel Retornaz of Italy (3-2) are tied for sixth place in the 13-team tournament. After round-robin play, the playoff cutline is set at six teams. Gushue’s team, which is based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, struggled tremendously in a defeat to Switzerland on Saturday before turning things around with a victory over Italy. Sunday saw another split, with a victory over New Zealand and a defeat to Norway. With the normal start of the nine-day competition has put some pressure on the host side. But Gushue wasn’t fazed as he prevented a big score at the end of the second by freezing to force Japan to a single.

He said to make it perfect as they did was surely a confidence boost for them. Canada gained a lead that it wouldn’t lose after tapping for two in the third end. In the seventh, another pair was added, and the eighth saw a few highlight-reel baskets that ultimately sealed the victory. With a triple-takeout to sit four, Nichols dazzled the partisan audience. Gushue then followed with a double to set up a force. On this Gushue said that they got themself into some trouble in end with some of their rock positionings. So, the end-saving shots were good.

In the tenth round, Canada ran Japan out of rocks. Both skips and five other players out of the eight had shooting percentages above 90%. After winning four titles this season, the 16th-ranked Japanese team, which features 16-year-old Takeru Yamamoto at second, has shot up the standings significantly. With the experience of the world men’s championship and Olympic vice Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi was the only player in the team who have that experience. The coach BoB Ursel said that they are not much concerned about the win or losses they are mostly looking for the experience and he was happy that they are playing well.

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