Who are Mauricio Garcia’s Parents? Texas Shooter Family Tree

When the public gets to know about the mass shooting that happens in Allen, Texas, they all are shocked after that news. Everyone is looking at the matter of the shooting as well as the gunman who has been identified in regarding matters of mass shootings. The public is going over the internet to know more about the gunman and to know about his personal life, not just that the public is also interested in his family. They all are also searching for them. And as per our reader’s choice, we have brought all the information about them in this article. Keep following the article to know more about the gunman and about his family.

Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

Who are Mauricio Garcia’s Parents?

Mauricio Garcia, 33, was the gunman who opened fire on May 6 at an outlet centre in Allen, Texas. Eight individuals were killed and at least seven others were injured in the horrific shooting. Authorities have not yet identified a specific motive. The shooter, according to a senior law enforcement source engaged in the inquiry, had a sizable social media following and might have ties to right-wing extremism. A police officer at Allen Premium Outlet also shot and killed the shooter, Mauricio Garcia, for an unrelated incident. The 33-year-old reportedly wore a security uniform every time he entered and exited his parents’ neighbourhood. Let’s find out more below about Mauricio Garcia’s parents, relatives, and other details.

Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

East of White Rock Lake in Dallas is where the parents of Mauricio Garcia live. Up until a few months ago, the alleged shooter resided with his mother and father. The homes of one of the gunman’s parents were the subject of two search warrants. Another was for a hotel in the Dallas region, where Garcia had most recently resided. The shooter reportedly didn’t have a lengthy criminal history. According to CNN, Mauricio’s parents’ neighbours claimed they didn’t know much about him. But they frequently witnessed him arrive and depart from work wearing an outfit resembling that of a security guard.

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Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

According to a neighbour named Moises Carreon, it makes you feel cold. Our neighbours are people we are familiar with, but how much do we truly know about them? We most likely won’t ever learn the answer to that query. They claimed that on Saturday night, police officers, including the FBI, surrounded Garcia’s parents’ home, staying there until early Sunday morning. The gunman’s parents’ names and other information remain unknown. The neighbours of Mauricio Garcia’s parents described him as someone who kept to himself and didn’t seem to cause any trouble.

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