Who Is Mauricio Garcia’s Wife Or Girlfriend? Meet Allen Mall Shooter Family

The news of the mass shooting at Allen Mall has just gone viral. To find out more about the shooting, everyone is using the internet. When the general public learns about this terrible shooting, everyone is shocked by the news. Witnesses have named the shooter who killed eight people in the Texas mall shooting. We will cover all the details of the Allen, Texas, shooting incident and the casualties in this article. To learn more, keep reading the article.


Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

Who Is Mauricio Garcia’s Wife Or Girlfriend?

A top law enforcement source involved in the investigation claims that Mauricio Garcia has been named as the shooter in Saturday’s horrific shooting in Allen, Texas. In addition to the eight individuals killed during the brutal rampage on Saturday in the affluent suburb of Allen, about 25 miles north of Dallas, at least seven more people had been hurt. The source claimed Garcia had at least one additional weapon on him when he was fatally shot in front of the mall, and the AR-15-style rifle was later discovered close by. Police also discovered numerous firearms in his car. CNN spoke with neighbors who saw the FBI and Police on Saturday evening entering a house at an address that matches Garcia’s parents.

Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video

The shooter who opened fire in a Texas outlet mall, murdering eight people and injuring seven more before being shot and killed by police, has been identified as Mauricio Garcia, 33. This information was made public on Sunday by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The cause of the violence on Saturday is still a mystery to the authorities. Regarding Mauricio Garcia’s Wife or Girlfriend, it is unknown if he was wed, despite the fact that he resided with his parents. Regarding his religious allegiance, nothing is known. The second deadliest mass shooting in the US in 2023 was the Texas Mall Shooting, which occurred twice in Texas in less than a week.

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Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas Mall Shooting Video Allen Texas

After the bloodshed outside the Allen Premium outlets on Saturday night, police looked into a Dallas home related to Garcia’s parents. Additionally, they investigated the motel where Garcia, the alleged gunman, had booked a long-term stay, according to law enforcement sources who spoke with the local station WFAA-TV. Although it is uncertain where Mauricio worked as a security guard and had no substantial criminal history. Authorities are also investigating possible connections between the suspect and radical beliefs after the suspect was found wearing a patch on his breast that appeared to have white supremacist or neo-Nazi leanings, according to the Washington Post.

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