Marabastad Protest Against Illegal And Undocumented Immigrants Living In South Africa

The leaders of an operation in and around Tshwane that aims to close down unlawful enterprises run by undocumented immigrants are threatening to enlist additional help in an effort to step up their campaign. They want the closure of all enterprises with illicit foreign ownership. A week of widespread rallies against illegal immigrants residing in South Africa is being threatened. The locals claim they’ve had it with illegal immigrants running companies in South Africa and not paying taxes. Some companies were charged with running brothels and supplying illegal narcotics.

Marabastad Protest South Africa

Marabastad Protest Against Illegal Immigrants

Kagiso Kekana, one of the organizers, said, “that they are going to make sure that Tshwane is clean. From now till the end of the week, it is. Because they closed a store today and will reopen it tomorrow, they intend to stay. They will remain here till we accomplish our objective. In the meantime, a group of foreign hawkers in Marabastad, Pretoria, claim they won’t be leaving their current location.

Marabastad Protest

South Africans claim that their requests for the government to act against unauthorized immigrants have been ignored. A Zimbabwean mother of three, however, claims that conditions are difficult there and that she is unable to return. She has been here for more than five years in an effort to assist her family back home through work. She feels ashamed since she was working to support children. She doesn’t steal. She is paying where she is purchasing before coming here to sell. Her goods included matimba, madoda, ntsumgu, nyemba, and nyimu. They are approaching me and telling me that she needs to return home. And things are hard at home, she said. She claims that if things go back to normal, she and many others will be content to return home of their own volition.

Unless SA helps us rebuild our own economy, in which case we are prepared to leave and do not even object. If our economy improves, we won’t even flee we’ll just move on. A need that is backed by other Zimbabweans who also earn a living by selling things at Marabastad’s open market area. He was counting some notes and business is booming. He wasn’t ready to return home. One of the hawkers claims, He has his paperwork. He is unable to return home. Another person responds, Their nation is in trouble. The government must severely enforce its laws against unauthorized immigrants and their illicit companies, demand protest organizers. No one from Home Affairs was available for comment. So this was all about this article. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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