Michael Hill Newmarket Jewellery Store Robbery: Knife-Wielding Man Arrested

There is a new case, a horrific case that happened in the Newmarket Mall evacuated after a knife-wielding man tries to rob Michael Hill. On Tuesday afternoon, a knife-wielding guy attempted to rob the jewelry store Michael Hill, leading to the evacuation of Westfield Newmarket.

Michael Hill Newmarket

Michael Hill Newmarket Jewellery Store Robbery

According to authorities, when the man entered the business at 1:23 p.m., employees set off an alarm and a fog cannon. The incident forced the evacuation of the mall. Police arrived at the incident quickly, according to Inspector Daniel Meade, and one suspect was detained. Meade stated that “no one else is being sought in relation to this incident.” The incident was described as “scary” by a Michael Hill employee who stated it was the first time such an attack had occurred while she was working there. The worker informed the group that they would be sent home for the day and that the store would remain closed.

Michael Hill Newmarket Jewellery Store Robbery

There are still three police officers present. When the fire alarm began to sound, Anita Blackburn was receiving a pedicure at the opposite end of the Westfield shopping center. She noticed smoke emanating from the direction of the store and realized it was fog cannon smoke rather than fire. When police brought out a man in his late 40s dressed in a grey tracksuit and jandals, Blackburn was in the mall. She remarked that it all happened “really quickly” and that they “searched him and then put him in the police car.” Blackburn noticed other Michael Hall employees on her way out who she described as looking “quite scared.” They appeared to be crying, and Blackburn stated, “he felt terrible for them.” Meade stated that Michael Hill’s crew “should be commended for remaining calm throughout the incident and following protocol ensuring no one was injured.”

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Michael Hill Newmarket Robbery

We believe that this rapid arrest will strengthen our dedication to keeping our neighborhood secure, he said, despite the fact that instances like this can have an impact on the victims and the community. After a string of armed robberies and smash-and-grabs, Michael Hill drastically increased security at all of its locations across the nation. Daniel Bracken, CEO of Michael Hill, stated in May that the necessity to increase security presence at stores outside of Auckland had been made clear by the recent “alarming” wrongdoing.

The chain operates 34 locations throughout the North Island and employs security measures like DNA spray technology, fog cannons, and alarm screamers. Every New Zealander ought to feel secure enough to go to work or a store, according to Bracken. After “constant attacks,” the chain’s Takapuna, Auckland, location had to close its doors in late 2022. In order to ensure the immediate safety of patrons and employees, Bracken stated at the time that it was Michael Hill’s most frequently targeted store in New Zealand and would remain closed. By June 2023, the shop was still shuttered. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

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