Who is Papalpreet Singh? Amritpal Singh’s aide, Arrested

Over the last few days, Amritpal Singh has been constantly in the news and many arrests have happened in this regard. However, Amritpal has been on the run and police are looking for him along with his aide. A recent arrest has happened in this regard that is believed to be an important lead that can help the police to locate the whereabouts of Amritpal Singh. The reports state the police have arrested the trusted aide of Amritpal Singh and that is Papalpreet Singh. Now this news has brought sensation on social media and people are looking to know more.

Papalpreet Singh

Amritpal Singh’s aide Papalpreet Singh Arrested

The reports state that on Monday, 10th April 2023, The police of Punjab in a joint operation apprehended a pro-Khalistani sympathizer trusted aide of Amritpal Singh from the rural area of Amritsar. After this arrest, the senior police officer states that “Our teams spearheaded a search operation for the last 3 days after we get the key details about the location of Papalpreet in the Dasuya area. After a great effort, we finally detained him and hoped that we will soon detain Amritpal Singh.” Now after his arrest of him, people want to see Amritpal Singh behind the bars.

Keep in mind that, Papalpreet and Amritpal had been on the run since 18th March 2023 when the Punjab Police Department launched a crackdown against both of them. Singh and his aides have been lodged under many criminal cases connected to the spreading disharmony among classes, assailing of police personnel, attempts to kill, and making obstructions in the lawful discharge of duty by police officers and other public servants. Now after his arrest, many people are looking to know about Papalpreet Singh.

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Who Is Papalpreet Singh?

As we already mentioned above, Papalpreet Singh is considered to be the most trusted aide as well as a mentor of Amritpal. The police also believed that he is the mastermind behind the runaway Amritpal and he surely know where is he now. He has allegedly advised him on many issues. As per police reports, Papalpreet has reportedly been in contact with the intelligence agency of Pakistan, ISI from where he was getting instructions to increase the terror of Khalistan in Punjab. He was also arrested in the year 2015 after the cops linked him with the ISI.

He calls himself a reporter based out of Amritsar, Punjab who allegedly runs a website called “Punjab Shield”. This website is basically a Khalistani propaganda site. He is currently facing 4 criminal cases. According to the reports, he was also served an income tax notice in order to tell the source of  4.48 lakh which was credited into his bank account.

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