Manuel Valls Religion: Ethnicity and family background

What religion practises Manuel Valls? Barcelona was represented on the municipal council by Spanish politician Manuel Carlos Valls Galfetti, a dual citizen of France and Spain, from 2019 to 2021. He served as President François Hollande’s prime minister of France from 2014 to 2016. In the 2017 Socialist Party primary, he ran for president. Benoît Hamon defeated him and went on to win the nomination. He had originally stated that he would support the socialist candidate, but once they were defeated, he supported Emmanuel Macron. In the general election of 2017, he barely retained his seat in the House of Commons. Keep reading to find out more about Manuel Valls’s religion, as well as his family and career information.

Manuel Valls

Political figure Manuel Valls is French-Spanish. General public knowledge of politician Manuel Valls’ religion is quite limited. Some concluded he was a Christian due to a lack of knowledge, while others believed he was Jewish. He hasn’t publicly stated his religious beliefs, and there isn’t any proof that he follows Christianity, Judaism, or any other faith. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, and it is assumed that he is a Christian. Catholicism is practised by the majority of people in Spain. He has the appearance of a Jew, which is a minority group in the community. As a result, he is frequently misunderstood since others think he might be Jewish or Christian.

Valls, who was chosen to represent Essonne in the French National Assembly in 2002 and was born in Barcelona to a Swiss mother and a Spanish father, presided over Évry from 2001 to 2012. He was regarded as a social liberal Socialist Party member with Blairite-influenced beliefs. Valls’ maternal grandfather served as the main editor of a Republican newspaper in Spain. During the Spanish Civil War, he gave priests seeking safety from the Red Terror a place to stay. Following Francisco Franco’s victory, he was forced to resign from his editor job.

Valls’ father was the Barcelona-born painter Xavier Valls. When Xavier Valls moved to Paris in the late 1940s, Luisangela Galfetti, a Swiss citizen born in Ticino and the sister of architect Aurelio Galfetti, became his wife. In the third Spanish-American Art Biennial, which Franco organised in 1955, he took home the prize for best still life. Valls was born in Barcelona while his parents were on vacation. They raised him in their French home, where he also attained French citizenship. Prior to their divorce, Valls and Nathalie Soulié, whom he married in 1987, had four kids together.

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