fact check: Is Courtney Cason QVC Pregnant? Weight Gain and Baby Bump Rumors

In recent news, it was reported that QVC woman, Courtney Cason, a famous American television personality who gained widespread recognition after being the host of the program has gained weight. Many people speculated her to be pregnant as of 2023 after seeing the baby bump.  You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

Courtney Cason QVC

Is Courtney Cason QVC Pregnant?

There are many online users that have been asking about Courtney Cason’s pregnancy for a while now. If you are one of those who are seeking the truth, you must explore further information via this article. Courtney Cason is a well-known American television personality who gained widespread recognition after serving as a host of the program at QVC. Moreover, she has worked at QVC for a decade. Previously, Cason was associated with WSB-TV. Reportedly, during that time, she hosted the weekend Lottery Drawings, Cash 3, Cash 4, and Fantasy Five on WSB-TV Atlanta. Additionally, Cason also co-hosted the Atlanta Falcons Half-time show for the GA Lottery Half-Time special. Besides that, she is a famous personality who showcases her lifestyle.

As we talk about her pregnancy rumors, it was revealed that no, the lady is not pregnant in 2023, but the rumors have left everyone confused. Many people on the internet have been asking questions if Cason is pregnant for a few years days. However, there are no hints of Cason expecting a child after exploring her current social media posts. You can also follow on Instagram under the username @courtneycason. On her Instagram handle, she owns more than 21.9K followers and Cason is an active user who shares frequent pictures and videos. However, the official information may surely get updates in the future if there is some news related to her being pregnant. Similarly, Cason shall announce it publicly in that case. Scroll down to the next section for more.

Reportedly, as the rumors surfaced of Cason’s pregnancy, she has not been vocal about the same yet. It can be said that the TV personality seems to be ignoring the fake rumors. However, going through her past images on Instagram and comparing them with her current pictures, it can be said that Cason has slightly gained weight. Furthermore, Cason shares videos and photos of her taking a healthy lifestyle. For instance, she shared a post on her Instagram account sharing her smoothie recipe. The smoothie recipe included broccoli spinach, kale, and cucumber. mixed berries and strawberries. Concluding the article, there is no confirmed news about Cason being pregnant, and her baby bump rumors also circulated on the internet without any facts.

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