Majestic Horse LEGO commissioned fake set for April Fool’s Day 2023

LEGO Group took part in pranks and making people fool on April Fool’s Day 2023 just like it did last year. This year, LEGO commissioned a fake set for April Fool’s Day 2023 but with a twist. LEGO Group revealed a new set with a twist to the prank. Since LEGO’s showcased its new set, it is in the news headlines and making people curious about it. Every year LEGO takes part in April Fool’s Day prank and this year it revealed a new set named The Majestic Horse. Now, people are keenly searching for The Majestic Horse. People are gossiping about The Majestic Horse in large volumes which made us compel to prepare an article. As people in large numbers are keen to know about The Majestic Horse, we have discussed this topic in detail in the following sections of this column. Be sticky with this page and must read this article till the end to learn all the imperative points of it. Drag down the page and take a peek at the below-placed sections.

Majestic Horse LEGO

Majestic Horse LEGO

Every year April Fool’s Day comes and goes for the next year. LEGO group took part in the annual day of pranks but not from Brick Fanatics as it revealed a new set which is named 010423 The Majestic Horse but it barely looks like a horse. Reportedly, LEGO Group sent its new set to LEGO enthusiasts to have an early overview of its new set named The Majestic Horse. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Majestic Horse LEGO

The Majestic Set number might not be a good sign for LEGO enthusiasts who like the animal model because they found it was not made exactly as it was advertised with the front of the horse as it was revealed by a stylish dog. Yes, the Majestic Horse is actually a stylish dog who is with stylish red shoes. Scroll down the page and read more details.

Majestic Horse LEGO

LEGO Group played a joke with its enthusiast by sending them a fake or not real set of Majestic Horse. According to the reports, the credit goes for this prank to LEGO Masters UK’s Nate Dias and Steve Guinness. The Majestic Horse will be released later and it can be picked up from the official online store. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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