Nicola Sturgeon Resignation Speech Video: Why did she resign?

Since Nicola Sturgeon stepped down as the leader of the Scottish National Party, people have been thrown into a frenzy to search for the reason for it. Why did Nicola Sturgeon resign from her post? A lot of questions and queries are prevailing among people since Nicola Sturgeon stepped down as the Scottish first minister. Recently, the former Scottish first minister responded to her decision for stepping down from her post. This is why we have come up with this article. A large number of people are keen to know what Nicola said. We have discussed this topic in detail in the following sections of this column. Be sticky with this page and must read this article till the end to learn all the imperative points of it. Drag down the page and take a peek at the below-placed sections.

Nicola Sturgeon resignation

Nicola Sturgeon Resignation

Reportedly, Nicola Sturgeon stepped down as the first minister in February since then her response was awaiting but now she has finally reacted to it. Nicola said she need more privacy in the wake of social media rumors which were also part of the reason for her resignation as leader of the Scottish National Party.

Nicola Sturgeon resignation

But when Nicola Sturgeon announced her decision to step down as the Scottish National Party’s leader she said that she was clear in her head and in her heart” that it was the right time to go as she was drained by the unrelenting and unforgiving pressures of modern politics. After her resignation, a lot of rumors about her personal life started circulating on the internet. Nicola also reacted to the gossip about her on the internet. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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Nicola Sturgeon resignation

The former Scottish first minister said, “I’m not naive, I’m not of the view that I will step down one day and be completely anonymous the next day, I understand the realities of what I have done and I’ll still be in parliament, but I want to have a bit more privacy. I want to have a bit more anonymity and I just want to protect some of what people take for granted in their lives that I’ve forgotten to have.” However, she reacted to the rumors while laughing off in the podcast introduction. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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