Herrscher Of Rebirth Seele: S-Rank Honkai Impact 3rd

This article is going to be very interesting for Herrscher’s fans. A human who has fused with Houkai energy and yielded to Houkai’s desire to destroy the current phase of human civilization is known as a HerrscherGod (German: lord, ruler, or sovereign Chinese). They possess supernatural abilities and are so incredibly strong that S-Rank Valkyrja hardly ever has a chance of defeating one. They are demonstrated to be as powerful as a typical human being if there is no special factor, and they may be killed if their physical form is damaged or if their gems are pulled from or destroyed from their bodies. There is a slim potential that someone may absorb enough Houkai energy to become a Herrscher if the area’s Houkai energy reaches 1000 HW (Houkai Welt) or greater.

Herrscher Of Rebirth Seele

Herrscher Of Rebirth Seele

A condensed Herrscher gem, however, needs at least 2000 HW and preferably more. Each human generation has a Herrscher. The Herrscher is regarded as the dividing line between the Houkai creatures and the human species since each has unique skills. Even an S-Rank Valkyrja struggles to compete with a Herrscher, whose powers considerably transcend those of humans. The single trait all prospective Herrscher have is more Houkai adaptability than is typical.

Humans known as Herrscher have been physically and mentally perverted by Houkai. You’ll be exposed to a lot of Houkai radiation if you’re near them. Normal conditions will cause those with low Houkai adaptation to resemble a zombie. Herrscher has some human cognition and direct access to Houkai’s will, in contrast to other Houkai zombies. Strong-willed Herrscher has the ability to rebel against Houkai and become independent. The term “Herrscher” is provisional, and it could be modified later.

Phase 1: In order to lure the eligible person into hating humanity and submitting themselves to the Will of Houkai, the “Will of Houkai” will communicate with them, give birth to a new personality called the “Herrscher consciousness,” and continue to incite the negative emotions in their hearts.

Herrscher Of Rebirth Seele

Phase 2: The qualified individual will begin going through a transformation; the first symptoms are brief episodes of fatigue and sickness. The “Herrscher consciousness” need of Houkai energy to create a core determines the candidate’s phase 2 procedure. Before the “Herrscher consciousness” becomes fully dominant, Houkai power will draw the zombies and Houkai monsters to guard the qualified individual.

Phase 3: “The Herrscher consciousness” will make an effort to stifle and exterminate human consciousness. When fully in control, it starts to consume enormous quantities of Houkai energy and calls out Houkai monsters to disperse radiation. As it absorbs more Houkai energy, it gets unique skills. This is a signal that the potential Herrscher is almost ready to emerge.

Phase 4: Tearing the human heart open and entirely giving up on humanity’s inherent goodness, leaving only unending anger and retaliation, and becoming a real Herrscher. The Herrscher will then have complete birth and have influence over legions of human zombies as well as Houkai monsters. It may produce unique Houkai creatures by making the most of its Herrscher core. Soon we are going to tell you some more details about the Herrscher. So, Stay tuned to PKB news.

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