Luke Valentine Used Racial Slur In Big Brother Season 25: He Said The N-Word On 24-Hour Livestream

This article is going to be about the fans of the show Big Brother 25. Mostly, this article is for the fans of Luke Valentine. Luke is one of the contestants of Big Brother season 25. Recently, we all got to know that he got evicted from the show. We got to know that he got evicted from the show because of his racial slur statement which led him to eviction. Big Brother is one of the biggest reality shows in the whole world. he made some allegations on the Paramount+ live feed. To know everything about his eviction read this whole article.

Luke Valentine

Luke Valentine Used Racial Slur In Big Brother Season 25

Luke Valentine, the former contestant of the biggest reality show in the world Big Brother season 25. Now he has been evicted from the house of Big Brother. His eviction was really shocking. Because e was supported by many people. His fans supported and voted for him but still, he got evicted from the show Big Brother. The reason behind his eviction is used a racial slur. He said a statement on the live feed of Paramount+. This statement made him out of the house. He gave this statement when he was gossiping with other contestants of the show Jared Fields, HisamGoueli, and Cory Wurtenberger. Continue reading this article.

Luke Valentine

In the conversation, Luke Valentine said to his other contestants that, They all are in a f***ing cheese room. He used this racist slur. He was trying to explain that he was trying to say narwhal but mistakenly he said narwhale. After this case, Gouli and Wurtenberger left the room to avoid this incident. This statement turned out worst for him. The other participants were shocked and offended by Valentine’s use of the racist epithet, especially Fields who, as the only Black guy in the house, expressed his astonishment and worry. When Valentine’s justification and subsequent laughter with Fields seemed to minimize the gravity of his actions, the situation erupted.

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Luke Valentine Bigg Borther

Valentine was summoned to a different room and notified of his eviction there. The remainder of the cast was then told by house guest Reilly Smedley that Valentine had been “removed from the house” for uttering a racist slur in violation of the show’s Code of Conduct. The other competitors were stunned and surprised by this information, which sparked conversations regarding the occurrence and its ramifications. Many viewers and supporters that Valentine be fired from the program on social media in response to his use of the racial slur.

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