Vauxhall Station Incident: London Underground Station Closed With Huge Police Cordon Outside

Today, we are going to tell you about the recent incident which happened in Vauxhall station, London. This incident has given a huge shock to all the residents of London. The topic of this case is surrounding most social media platforms. People are really shocked after looking at this case. On 10th August 2023, Thursday, The Vauxhall London station went closed on the evening of Thursday. The London police cordon the set up in the near area because of an incident. The closed news of the Vauxhall station was confirmed by the Transport for London (TFL). They claimed that the Vauxhall station has been closed because of a police incident. For the full details of this incident, read this article in its entirety.

Vauxhall station incident

Vauxhall Station Incident

The London Fire Brigade and London police were on the sport. One person who was at the scene claimed that the station is going closed for the day because of a suspicious abandoned suitcase. The person wrote on Twitter (X), that the station in the surrounding area is now closed because of a mysterious suitcase which is at the scene. Our sources have tried their best to collect information on this whole case, which we are going to share with you in this article. So scroll down to the next paragraph now.

Vauxhall station incident

According to the source, the incident at Vauxhall station was a false alarm, confirmed by the Metropolitan police. One person also said that the Vauxhall station is now opened and it is not closed now with police cordons lifted. If we talk about the suitcase, so there was a suitcase whose owner was not present at the scene. So a lot of people that it could be dangerous and the Vauxhall station workers make a call to the London police and they told them about the suitcase.

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Vauxhall station incident

So the London police arrived at the scene and closed the station then the bomb squad arrived at the scene and they checked the suitcase. So it was not dangerous because there was not any bomb inside it. The reality is that when the police opened the suitcase so it was filled up with just clothes.

As per the reports, after the whole inspection police reopened the Vauxhall station. the station got closed at around 7:50 pm on Thursday by the police officers and now it is open again with complete safety. Till now police have not released any official statement regarding this statement.

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