Who Did Richard Gauthier Coach? Canadian Pairs Skating Coach Arrested

Despite knowing the charges and consequences of the se*ual assault many people are doing this crime. Not only morally but legally it is not right to do but still some people are not understanding the seriousness of this case. Most of the time a known person is found involved in such a heinous crime whom we trust a lot. The latest news is related to this case as well as the person by whom several students learned skating. The name of the accused is Richard Gauthier who is known as a skating coach. Follow More Updates On PKBNews

Richard Gauthier

Who Did Richard Gauthier Coach?

But now, he is in the news due to the serious charges made against him. Several people are now looking to know more insight into the case. This search regarding him has been started on Wednesday, 25th January 2023 when he gets charged with a serious crime. He was a famous personality in the Canadian pairs skating community. He was a quite wonderful coach who aided several outstanding skaters to achieve international and national success. But now these serious allegations have ruined his reputation and people are criticizing him.

The reports stated that he started teaching skating in the 1970s and with great hard work he became an important sports authority. When he was appointed as a coach, he worked with many great skaters, including world champions and Olympic medalists. He had given more than 30 years to skating and provided world-class skaters who represent their nation. In the year 2015, he was appointed to the Skate Canada Hall of Fame. He was termed along with David Pelletier and Jamie Sale who went on to triumph in gold which they obtained at ISU World Champions in the year 2001 as well as in the year 2002 in Winter Olympics.

Apart from them, he coached many brilliant skaters but now one allegation has ruined his reputation and he became the subject of the harness. The report states that on Wednesday, 25th January 2023, a famous former coach in Canadian pairs skating was discovered guilty of se*ual assault as well as gross obscenity. The reports state that Richard went to a court trial on 3 counts rooted in crimes he had done in the year 1980 when a teen male skater accused him of se*ual assault.

The police lodged the case and investigate the matter and they found him guilty after that, he appeared in court. In Montreal, Josee Belanger, the judge of the Quebec court discovered 61-year-old, Gauthier guilty of 2 charges. However, he was not found guilty on the 3rd count of indecent assault on the suffering. The identity of the victim is still not out due to the publication ban.

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