Is Dede3x In Jail? What Did He Do? Arrest And Charge

A rumor is getting viral on social media about the popular rapper Dede3X. He is being said to be arrested.

We all know this popular rapper. He is part of The Bad Kids. The YouTuber has appeared on other channels like Funny Mikevand Young 22. Is he in jail? Is he arrested?

Dede3X belongs to Baton Rouge. His current social media following crossed one million. His fans are crazy for him. He created his place at a very young age. Many see him as a successful upcoming star.


Is Dede3x In Jail?

Many social media posts are claiming that Dede3X is in jail. This has not been confirmed yet. Later, many videos were also posted regarding the same.

As we all know that Dede3X is part of The Bad Kids. The channel Badkids Shaderooms said in their recent video about his arrest.

The title of the video was BadKid Dede3X arrested for M. Many are thinking M to be murder.

We are not confirming it to be true until the official announcement by the officials. People are commenting on his posts about him.

He has not uploaded any posts from 3 January 2023. Fans started commenting about his arrest. People commenting claim that he is in jail for murder. According to them, the officials got a video of the murder

No one has seen the video yet. It is not available on any social media sites. There is no confirmation due to this.

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More About Dede3X:

Dede3X is an American rapper. He is a part of The Bad Kids Group. Baton Rogue is his hometown. He lives there since 15 February 2006. 

He started his career on YouTube in 2017. His early interest was in gaming and posted GTA V videos on his channel. His gaming channel became popular. He was at 100k subscribers at the time.

His interest in rapping starts developing slowly. He started spending more time with his friends Woo and Tray. The three of them created their rap.

His first music video shows 10 million views on YouTube currently. The other song featuring Jay and Tray received 20 million views.

He has collaborated with Funny Mike’s channel many times. This was all about Dede3X’s arrest.

We will update you with more information as the case further proceeds. There is no confirmation yet. There has been no activity on his Instagram. This is spreading the rumors even more.

We keep bringing you such updates. Stay tuned for more such updates about your favorite celebrities.

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