What Is Llama 2? Meta and Microsoft Introduce the Next Generation

If you love AI technology, then you must have heard about Llama 2. In this article, you can explore Llama 2 and we have provided you insights into where you can get it. For that, you are required to read the article for more details and information. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates at the PKB News.

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What Is Llama 2?

As we all know, the open-source AI model puts an emphasis on responsibility. The Meta and Microsoft have teamed up to unveil Llama 2, which is a next-generation large language, basically generalized. The AI model has intended for both commercial and research purposes. The upgraded open-source code places a much greater emphasis on responsibility. The Llama 2 is a language model which is released by Meta today, and people are thereby extremely excited to fully support the launch with comprehensive integration in Hugging Face. Llama 2 is being released with a very permissive community license and is widely available for commercial use. The code, models, and fine-tuned models are all being released today.

A collaboration has occurred with Meta to ensure smooth integration into the Hugging Face ecosystem. You can find the 12 open-access models and 3 fine-turned ones with the organic Meta checkpoints, also their corresponding models on the Hub. Among the features and other integrations being released, we have:

  • Models on the Hub
  • Transformers integration
  • Text Generation Inference
  • Integration with Inference Endpoints

However, the most thrilling part of this release is the fine-turned models which have been judicious for applying dialogues using the RLHF (Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback. Across a wide range of helpfulness and safety measures, the Llama 2 chat models performed better than most open models and achieve comparable performance to ChatGPT according to human evaluations. Read further to know about text-generation inference and Inference endpoints. The text generation inference is a production-ready inference container developed by Hugging Face to enable easy deployment of large language models.

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It features continuous batching, token streaming, and tensor parallelism for speedy inference on multiple GPUs and production-ready logging and tracing. However, you can try out the text generation inference on your own infrastructure or you can use Hugging Face’s inference endpoints. You can learn more on how to deploy Llama 2 with Hugging face inference endpoints in our blog. The blog includes information about supported hyperparameters and how to stream your response using Python and Javascript.

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