China Malware app reported Millions at risk

China knows how to remain in news as over the last few years this country is constantly remaining in the news. This is the country that was the reason for the global pandemic which is still becoming an international issue. Whenever we take the name China, our mind automatically recalls COVID-19. The disease took the lives of millions of people throughout the world and put the entire globe in lockdown for more than a year. This disease is still taking the lives of people and remains with us. Now again this country is in the news, fortunately not for any new lethal disease but due to malware.

china malware
Pinduoduo founder Colin Huang. Picture: QILAI SHEN/BLOOMBERG NEWS

China Malware app

If you remember the government of India banned around 52 Chinese apps in the year 2020-21 on the suspicion of data stealing. Now looks like the decision of the Indian government was right as according to the latest news, one of the most famous shopping applications in China is recently under fire. The experts say millions of users are at risk from Chinese “malware” software. This app is called Pinduoduo which is a famous shopping app and people use this Chinese app for their shopping. According to the reports, last month Google suspended the version of the Pinduoduo app from its Play Store, quoting security concerns of users.

In the released statement, the spokesman of the firm states that “Malware issues had been discovered on versions of the app outside the app store of Google. The Off-Play versions of the e-commerce app that have been discovered to contain malware have been enforced on through Google Play Protect.” The form routinely scams all applications on Android phones for malicious software. As per the reports of multiple media outlets, a probe has disclosed that the Pinduoduo app can bypass security in order to monitor activities on phones.

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This app also can check notifications, change settings and read private messages. Not only this but it can also snoop on individuals as they use other apps. Another scary thing is that the app is tough to remove once it has been installed. This application also takes much more access than its requirements. The chief research officer at cyber security firm “WithSecure”, Mikko Hypponen informed the media outlet “We have not watched a mainstream application like this attempting to escalate their privileges in order to increase access to things that they are not supposed to increase access to.

While several applications gather vast troves of user data, sometimes sand explicit consent, experts state e-commerce giant app has taken violations of privacy and data security to the next level. In the detailed probe, our sources talked to several cybersecurity teams from the United States, Asia, and Europe along with numerous current and former employees of Pinduoduo after getting a tipoff.

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