Who Is Lauren Dickerson? New Zealand mother convicted of killing her 3 young daughters

Here, we’ll go into more depth about the New Zealand mother who was found guilty of murdering her three young daughters. When the public learns about this information, they are all astonished and begin to search the internet. As a result, we have provided information on this incident for our readers in this post. Not only that, but we’re also going to provide information on recent viral stories that people are searching for online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Lauren Dickerson

Who Is Lauren Dickerson?

A New Zealand jury on Wednesday found a mother guilty of killing her three young daughters, rejecting her claim that she couldn’t be held accountable because of her mental illness at the time. The 42-year-old Lauren Dickason previously confessed to killing her 2-year-old twin children Maya and Karla as well as their 6-year-old sister Lianè at their Timaru, New Zealand, home almost two years prior. She had entered a not-guilty plea to murder, claiming that her extreme depression was caused by postpartum depression. Although Dickason had depression, the prosecution claimed it wasn’t severe enough to support a medical defence. They said that she murdered her kids out of rage and bitterness.

In the weeks leading up to the killings, they cited Dickason’s disturbing phone messages and internet activity, which included remarks about wanting to kill her children and Google searches for the “most effective overdose in kids.” Just days prior to the murders, Dickason and her husband Graham Dickason, both licenced physicians, had relocated from South Africa to New Zealand and taken up residence in Timaru. They had done so in order to live a more secure existence away from the unrest in their native country. Lauren Dickason first attempted to strangle her kids with zip ties before smothering them with pillows. She then tried to murder herself after putting them in their beds with the covers on.

When orthopaedic surgeon Graham Dickason got home after a work dinner, he discovered his kids had passed away. Later, he admitted to authorities that although he was aware of his wife’s mental health issues and parenting challenges, he was unaware of her murderous propensities. After a four-week trial, three charges of murder were found guilty. In accordance with New Zealand law, the jury divided 11-1 in favour of conviction after three days of deliberation. Dickason is expected to receive a life sentence. As the verdict was announced in the Christchurch High Court, Dickason reportedly remained still in the dock and sobbed subtly before leaving. According to RNZ, tears were also audible among the jury.

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