Who Is Nitin Mhaske? 26-yr-old history-sheeter killed, 4 detained: police

Here, we’ll discuss the details of the incident that happened close to the Mangala Theatre. As soon as the public learned about this occurrence, they all began to browse the internet. As a result, we have provided information on this incident for our readers in this post. Not only that, but we’ll also provide information on recent viral news items that people are searching for online. To learn more, read the rest of the article.


Who Is Nitin Mhaske?

Nitin Mhaske, a criminal with a criminal past, was brutally murdered by his rivals after watching Gadar-2 at the Mangala Talkies at one in the morning on Tuesday while the city was still celebrating Independence Day. According to a preliminary inquiry by the Shivajinagar police, Sagar Kolannatti, alias Yallya (32), who was allegedly attacked by Mhaske and his group in November of last year, committed the murder as an act of retaliation. The defendants are all Tadiwala Road locals. The gang ambushed Mhaske, according to the police, using swords, sticks, knives, and an axe among other things. Despite escaping the initial assault, Mhaske’s wounds turned out to be fatal.


“Yallya (32) spearheaded the assault. Imran Shaikh (32) and Vivek Nawadhar alias Bhola (24) the other attackers have been detained. According to the police, the other suspects in the incident are Malik Kolya alias Tundya (24), Pandit Kambale (27), Lawrence Pillay (33), Sushil Suryavanshi (30), Manoj Hawale alias Baba (25), and Akash Gayakwad alias Chaddi (24). Invoking the IPC’s murder, unlawful assembly, and rioting sections, the police have filed a case against the accused. Sagar Kolannatti was allegedly targeted by Mhaske, Ajay Salunkhe, and his cronies in November of last year while he was leaving his friend’s birthday party in Koregaon Park. Mhaske, Ajay Salunke, and others were the targets of an FIR that the Koregaon Park police had filed in accordance with section 307.

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Kolanatti, who had to be confined in a hospital’s ICU, managed to survive the assault. According to the police, Sagar and his accomplices attacked Mhaske on Tuesday night in retaliation. After the postmortem, Mhaske’s family declined to accept the remains. The family and locals gathered in the Sassoon hospital to protest while calling for the accused’s quick detention. Public outrage was sparked when Mhaske’s family members blamed a local goon and police officer Nikhil Jadhav, who is part of the crime branch. The man claimed that his kid had a disagreement with the neighborhood goon two months prior. “At that point, I attempted to step in and ask the goon to resolve the conflict amicably.”

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