Lahaina Fire Twitter mourns ‘loss’ of world-famous banyan tree during ‘apocalyptic’ wildfires

Twitteratis are currently mourning the loss of the beloved Banyan tree which was located in Maui Island of Hawaii. As the famous Maui island of Hawaii is currently suffering from a huge wildfire, the beloved banyan tree has been destroyed. The news of Lahaina Fire is taking over the internet by storm and netizens on Twitter are reacting to the loss of Maui’s beloved banyan tree. In addition, myriad people also have evacuated their homes and shelters on Hawaii island following an intense and huge wildfire. Reportedly, the humongous wildfire started on Hawaii’s Maui island on Tuesday, 8 August 2023, which was later fueled by wind and led to the forceful evacuation of thousands of homes on the island. Know more details about the loss incurred due to Lahaina Fire in the following sections. Scroll down the page for details.

Lahaina Fire Twitter

Lahaina Fire Twitter

The historic Lahaina town reportedly has been reduced to rubble completely. The aerial video of the Lahaina town captured from a Hawaiian Airlines flight shows the town completely destroyed and the fire has dominated the heart of Lahaina where the much popular and beloved banyan tree is located. Reportedly, the residents of Maui and people working and trading in Maui have fled the town while many also have been engulfed by fire. The fire department could not prevent the disaster due to the humongous speed of the fire which was fueled by wind. People living in the town were forced to jump into the ocean to save their lives. Continue reading this article for more details.


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As the communication services have failed in the province due to the wind-fueled wildfire, the fire department is struggling to coordinate evacuations. Lieutenant Gov. Sylvia Luke said, “Maui County has not been able to communicate with residents on the west side, the Lahaina side. 911 is down. Cell service is down. The phone service is down. That’s been part of the problem.” People have been worried about the popular banyan tree of Maui Island as it has come under the threat of wildfire.

Sadly, reports are claiming that the tree for which people used to visit Maui to watch and sit under the beloved banyan tree has been lost to the flames. No further update has come up about the status of the beloved banyan tree. The Fire Information For Resource Management System reported that major active fires broke out in Kelawea, Lahaina, Puunoa, and the surrounding areas. Stay tuned.

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