Why Is Bernie Leaving Coronation Street? Why Bernie Is Leaving Town?

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Bernie Leaving Coronation Street

Why Is Bernie Leaving Coronation Street

Off-screen, Jane Hazlegrove, who portrayed Bernie Winter on ITV’s Coronation Street, has a busy existence. After 26 years of endearing courtship with actress Isobel Middleton, they tied the knot in 2015. Isobel has had a successful acting career, appearing in series such as Doctor Who and Cracker. Jane is one of the most well-known LGBTQ+ personalities in the UK, and she actively supports LGBTQ+ causes. Together in love, the couple lives with their puppy, Gert. Fan favorite Bernie, played by Jane, deals with obstacles on screen, such as his recent imprisonment for handling stolen items. Jane has lately lost her father, thus she is dealing with personal sorrow in real life.

In addition to her present role, Jane made her Coronation Street debut in 1985. She notably resembles fellow actress Gabrielle Glaister quite a bit. In addition to acting, Jane supports acceptance and equality by volunteering at Pride events. Actress Jane Hazlegrove, who plays Bernie Winter on Coronation Street, has entered a guilty plea in court for handling stolen goods, raising the possibility of her character leaving the show. This turn of events, motivated by Bernie’s wish to support her son Paul Foreman who has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease hints at a difficult plot. Bernie’s background has resulted in an impending jail sentence, which has viewers wondering what will happen to her on the programme going forward.

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Bernie Leaving Coronation Street

Iain MacLeod, the head of the soap opera, has hinted at a genuine and melancholic final Christmas for Bernie, highlighting the difficulties and history of the family. The viewer’s curiosity over whether Bernie would actually be leaving Coronation Street is heightened by her legal entanglements, which makes her court hearings a crucial part of the character’s development on the hit ITV soap opera. British TV soap opera “Coronation Street,” also known as Corrie debuted on December 9, 1960, and has been shown on ITV ever since. Tony Warren’s creation, which was first rejected, went on to become an essential component of British culture.

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