Joyeux Vouchers: Where to find Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact 3.8? Location details

Genshin Impact Joyeux Vouchers have become the coveted collectible during this year’s Secret Summer Paradise event. These special vouchers grant players the opportunity to obtain a free outfit for one of their beloved characters. The focus of this year’s event is Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit, an attire that plays a part in the event’s enthralling questline. To acquire this new attire, players are required to venture into the newly introduced Veluriyam Mirage area situated in Sumeru and gather these Joyeux Vouchers. Move your screen up and know more in detail.

Joyeux Vouchers

Where to find Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact 3.8?

So, where exactly can one find these Joyeux Vouchers and how can they be obtained? The primary method of obtaining these vouchers is through the collection of multicolored balloons scattered across the Veluriyam Mirage area. Simply walking through one of these balloons will yield four Joyeux Vouchers. To facilitate the search for these balloons, an interactive map provided by miHoYo can help players locate all currently available balloons. It’s worth mentioning that at present, players can acquire Joyeux Vouchers from the initial two unlocked regions. However, there are still two more areas yet to be revealed. As the Secret Summer Paradise event unfolds, these yet-to-be-unlocked regions will likely be accessible through forthcoming quests.

Moreover, players can also acquire Joyeux Vouchers by opening chests found throughout the Veluriyam Mirage area. Each chest opened rewards players with a single voucher. To unlock these chests, players must engage in activities such as defeating monsters, solving puzzles, and completing challenges within the Choo-Choo Cart. Additionally, there are chests submerged in water, which require players to examine nearby objects and uncover a Hydro Eidolon droplet to unlock them.

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Joyeux Vouchers Joyeux Vouchers

The Secret Summer Paradise event in Genshin Impact has always offered exciting rewards, and the Joyeux Vouchers are no exception. Players eager to obtain Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit must embark on an exploration throughout the Veluriyam Mirage area, engaging in a variety of activities. Whether it’s collecting multicolored balloons, opening chests, or completing quests, the acquisition of these vouchers requires dedication and commitment.

Joyeux Vouchers

The Joyeux Vouchers in Genshin Impact’s Secret Summer Paradise event are a valuable and sought-after item. Players can obtain these vouchers by collecting multicolored balloons scattered across the Veluriyam Mirage area, opening chests, and completing quests. You only need 150 Joyeux Vouchers to get Kaeya’s Sailwind Shadow outfit from the event page. you can grab the Flowing Joyspar gadget once you collect the 90 voucher.

Joyeux Vouchers

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