Who Is Jeremy Vine Wife? BBC presenter faces new allegations

Jeremy Vine is a much-loved journalist and television presenter. But who is his wife Rachel Schofield and for how long they have been married? Presenter Jeremy Vine is a familiar face on screens thanks to his innumerable appearances hosting shows for Channel 5 and BBC. However, many fans will be curious to know more about his life outside of it. Here’s what you all need to know about the star’s family life and marriage, including what he has to say about it.

Jeremy Vine

Who Is Jeremy Vine Wife?

At the moment, Vineis best known for his daily talk show on Channel 5 on weekday mornings. Called Jeremy Vine, this sees him discuss interview guests, current affairs and give viewers a glimpse at the morning news agenda. He was actually joined by his wife Rachel Schofield in the co-presenting seat, earlier this year. Viewers have therefore been left wanting to know more about their family life and marriage. After they tied the knot in 2002, Vine has been married to his wife Schofield for 18 years. In 2001, the pair first met when they were covering the General election.

Jeremy Vine

Schofield is also a presenter and a journalist with an impressive career so far. After graduating from Durham University, She began her career with a job at Purple FM. Soon, Schofield then landed a job on BBC Radio and presented on the television show Look North. Many viewers may recognise her as well from presenting on BBC News Up and BBC Radio 4 until 2012 when she left this behind to go for a freelance.

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Jeremy Vine

As mentioned above, the presenter co-hosted her husband’s show for a week in September. She told Channel 5, “I think between us Jeremy and I have over 50 years of broadcasting experience, but amazingly we’ve never ventured into a studio together before”.

Together, Schofield and Vine have two daughters called Anna and Martha. Anna is 13-years-old and Martha is the eldest at 16-years-old. In November, the presenter recently opened up about family life in an interview with the Portugal News. He said, “He tries to stay off social media on Weekends and loves to spend time with her daughters, as they have such a wicked sense of humor and he is the butt of every joke at home”.

After he was married to American banker Janelle Muntz from 1992 to 2000, Schofield is Vine’s second wife.

We hope you liked reading about the married life of Vine and Schofield and also about their career.

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