What Happened To Cloete Murray’s Son Tom Murray? dies after Midrand shooting

It is obvious for people to search for the family of the deceased especially when the person belongs to a rich and well-known family. This time social media users and a father is the mourning his son. It is unbearable for a father to perform the last rituals of his son but sometimes in front of the will of God, nobody can do anything. And the most unfortunate part is that his son lost his life after getting shot and the police lodge the case and they are currently investigating the matter. As per the reports, Tom Murray the son of Cloete Murray died on Sunday, 19th March 2023. He was one of the Bosas liquidators. Cloete and Tom were shot when driving in the white color Toyota SUV on the N1 north in Midrand on the afternoon of Saturday, 18th March 2023.

Cloete Murray's Son Tom Murray

What Happened To Cloete Murray’s Son Tom Murray?

Both son and father duo were the sufferers of the shooting as Tom passed away on the crime scene and Cloete was admitted to the medical institution. The doctor treated him but later on, they declared him dead. Ever since this news surfaced on the web, it has instantly pulled attention and people are started paying condolences to him and want justice. Cloete Murray was a well-known personality in his country and he was a Bosasa liquidator and the court-appointed liquidator for state contractor Bosasa. In further addition to this, he was earlier supervised the state capture accusations prior to chief justice Raymond Zondo.

Cloete Murray's Son Tom Murray

The demise of the son has already caused a huge loss to the Murray family and the sad situation of Cloete has also put the family in grief who are currently mourning his passing. The 28-year-old, Tom was famously known as the son of Cloete Murray, a Bosasa liquidator. He pulled the headlines of the news during the open firing while traveling with his father. Both the father-son duo were on their way to Midrand on Saturday. In further addition to this, he passed away on the crime scene as soon as the suspect shot him. Whereas his father was shot in the head and later on pronounced dead.

Cloete Murray's Son Tom Murray

Cloete began his career at the Master of the High Court and get further experience in the field while working at Stabilitas Board of Executors and Limvaal Trustees. He was the director and the owner of Sechaba Trust. Likewise, he was one of the experienced personalities in the management and administration of large commercial liquidations. Tom and Cloete both were shot unfortunately, Tom could not be get survived and the treatment of Cloete was also undergoing treatment but it was declared that he died too on Sunday.

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