iShowspeed shows meat video flash camera controversy sparks online

Every social media platform and social networking site has been flooded with memes and posts related to iShowSpeed who is a popular Youtuber. The reason iShowSpeed suddenly became the most trending subject on the internet is his recent live-stream video. What happened in iShowSpeed’s live stream video? His live stream video became the topic of discussion because the Youtuber accidentally shows his private part in the video. Yes, you heard it right, iShowSpeed flashed his meat during a Youtube stream. However, the incident was just a couple of seconds but it completed an extensive watch-hour period on social media as netizens are repeatedly playing the video and sharing it with others. Have you watched the video? If not, read this article till the end as we have explained the incident in detail. Also, we have addressed the speculations about iShowSpeed’s Youtube ban sparked after his flashing incident. Swipe down for more details.

Ishowspeed Accident

IShowspeed Shows Meat Video Flash Camera Twitter

Youtuber iShowSpeed was playing Five Nights at Freddy’s game while going live on the platform. At the time of the incident, over 24000 people were watching his gaming session. Streamer iShowSpeed stood up to show his crotch but he was not expecting that his private part would also come out of the shorts that he was wearing at that time. Accidentally, iShowSpeed’s genitals come out and appear on the screen but the Youtube immediately realized that he had been exposed. Therefore, he says “Oh My God” just before ending the stream.

The streamer also deleted the video from Youtube but by the time he deleted the video, it had been downloaded and recorded by his fans who were watching it live. Now, short clips of the incident showing iShowSpeed flashing his meat in front of the camera, are making rounds. The controversial video of iShowSpeed can be easily found on Reddit where many users have claimed to have the original video.

After accidentally showing his meat on Youtube, netizens speculated that iShowSpeed’s Youtube channel might be suspended or banned by the platform as he violated the content policy by flashing his meat. But it seems that iShowSpeed has escaped the Youtube ban. TMZ also posted the same. Speedy Updates tweeted, “iShowSpeed will not be banned from Youtube after the incident that happened yesterday” It seems Youtube is forgiving when it comes to honest mistakes. Of course, anything he will post in the future will be subject to Youtube’s guidelines.

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