Lisa Wilkinson Logies Speech, Natalie Barr’s swipe at Lisa

Recently, evidence was given to the inquiry that posed a risk to the trial of Bruce Lehrmann. To contradict the evidence given to an inquiry, Lisa Wilkinson who is a famous television personality said she was not asked or warned not to give a Logies speech during a meeting with the ACT director of public prosecutions, referencing Brittany Higgins. In her statement given to ACT director of the public prosecutor, Lisa Wilkinson denied she was told that the publicity of the case could pose a risk to the trial, in a statement given to an independent inquiry into Bruce Lehrmann’s prosecution. Continue reading this article and learn more details. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Lisa Wilkinson Logies Speech

Lisa Wilkinson Logies Speech

Lisa Wilkinson contradicted in her statement that Shane Drumgold SC who is the ACT director of public prosecutions had a meeting with her and others to prepare her for the possibility of being a witness in the trial on June 15, 2022. While a note the ACT director of public prosecutions made about the meeting claims Lisa Wilkinson told him for her interview with Brittany Higgins she earned a nomination for the Gold Logie but she was not expecting to win the award as the awards were managed by a rival network. Shift to the next section and read more details to know.

Drumgold’s notes claim that Lisa Wilkinson had mentioned a planned acceptance speech but the ACT director of public prosecutions told her they were not speech editors and “we have no power to approve or prohibit any public comment.” But the notes also state that he told Lisa that the defense could apply for a stay if there was any publicity regarding it in the case. On Monday, Drumgold told the independent inquiry that he felt he appropriately conveyed the risk of commenting publicly though he could not hear Lisa and her lawyer discussing his advice.

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Lisa Wilkinson said in her statement Drumgold did not inform her that publicity posed a risk to the trial. She further claimed if Drumgold had told she would definitely question it and give existing publicity. “I specifically raised the issue of the speech with Mr. Drumgold because I was concerned to ensure that it did not in any way impact on the trial, and trusted that he would appropriately advise or warn me of any risk that he perceived,” Wilkinson’s statement reads. According to Wilkinson, not mention the trial was the only clear warning she was given by Drumgold and she did not mention the trial.

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