Chiara Bontempi Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is Piergiorgio Bontempi?

People are curious to learn about Chiara Bontempi’s Wikipedia and age details. The passage describes the relationship and background of Chiara Bontempi, wife of Italian Olympic jumper Gianmarco Tamberi. They got engaged before Gianmarco Tamberi’s athletic journey to Tokyo in 2021, with plans to marry after his successes in the Olympics and European championship. The article touches on Chiara’s early life, studies, and her involvement in high jump competitions in the past.

Chiara Bontempi

Chiara Bontempi Wikipedia

Chiara Bontempi was born on August 12, 1995, under the sign of Leo, in the city of Ancona. However, details about her life story are limited. Her educational pursuits are not explicitly stated. Interestingly, Chiara has a background in high jump, much like part of her family. She has participated in both the 60-floor and high categories, achieving results in these competitions. Regarding her personal life, Chiara has been in a romantic relationship with Italian Olympic jumper Gianmarco Tamberi since 2009. Their relationship is visibly documented on her Instagram page, and they are frequently seen together.

Chiara Bontempi

It is suggested that they met on the athletic tracks. In 2021, the blue jumper (Gianmarco Tamberi) proposed to Chiara Bontempi before his departure for the Tokyo Olympics, with a romantic gesture involving red roses and a candlelit dinner. After a year of anticipation, they eventually tied the knot on September 1, 2022, an event that was widely shared on social media platforms.

 Piergiorgio Bontempi

The Blanc Mariclo store, specializing in household goods and situated in the capital of the Marche region, is under the ownership of Chiara Bontempi’s mother. While Chiara Bontempi might be more widely recognized, her father holds prominence in the athletic world, particularly in the realm of engines. Piergiorgio Bontempi, her father, is a notable figure who was a former rider and a World Sbk (Superbike) champion, which accounts for his recognition. The romantic relationship between Chiara Bontempi and Gianmarco Tamberi began in 2009 when they were both quite young. Their journey culminated in September 2022 when they exchanged wedding vows. Gianmarco Tamberi proposed to Chiara Bontempi before departing for the Tokyo Olympics. Chiara herself shared the joyous news on her Instagram profile, expressing her emotions through heartfelt words. Accompanying a touching photo of her and “Gimbo” (Gianmarco Tamberi) sharing a kiss, her caption read, “I’m at a loss for words… I still find it hard to believe it since the emotion is so intense. I love you, my infinite love, I would say yes every single day.” The proposal took place in Ancona, the hometown of the girl.

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