Hatyakand: Who Is Behind the Umesh Pal Murder Case? Shooter New Evidence Found

The Murder of Umesh Pal from Prayagraj has been a mysterious topic. New things are coming up. Whose name has come up next? You will get complete details about the Umesh Pal Murder case in this article. Keep reading for more details.  

Umesh Pal

Umesh Pal Murder Case Another Suspect: 

Everyone wants to know about the suspect of Umesh Pal. On Friday, 24 February 2023, Gulaam Hasan’s name is also coming up. Gulaam Hasan is the brother of the Indian party BJP’s leader, Rahil Hasan. BJP’s sheriff, Ganesh Kesarwani said during a phone call that Gulaam has been removed from the party. There is no letter released on the same yet. People want to know more about the incident. Let us have a look at the exact situation. Keep reading for more details. 

Umesh Pal Hatyakand Video Explained

Umesh Pal was heading toward his destination along with his gunman, Sandeep Nishaad. Sources say that the killers were waiting at the destination. They were waiting in a local shop near it. As soon as Umesh Pal stepped outside his car, they started shooting. His gunman, Sandeep Nishaad came to protect him. They both were shot continuously. The whole situation is said to happen in 44 seconds only. 

CCTV footage was recorded of the incident. It shows that when Umesh Pal was shot, he ran into a street. The gunman, Sandeep Nishaad also followed him. They were carrying bombs with them. They shot continuously and threw bombs. Umesh Pal was running continuously, and they kept on shooting him until they both fell to the ground. 

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Umesh Pal
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Umesh Pal’s Niece Witness the Incident: 

Umesh Pal’s niece mentions that the incident took place in front of her eyes. The gunman fell down in front of Umesh Pal’s house in critical condition. She said that the whole family is facing difficulties after the incident. Umesh Pal recently joined BJP. She was disheartened after the incident. She mentions they were not able to save him. He had good relations with Keshav Prasad Mourya and S.P. Babail, and Siddharth Nath.  

His family is mentioning that the ministers who came regularly to meet him are not here after the incident. Siddharth Nath visits their house on Sunday. Siddharth Nath gave his condolences to the family. His loved ones are going through hard times. The suspect is said to be a BJP member who has been removed from his post. 

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