Grant Flynn Sas Who Dares Wins: The Firefighters’ Podcast

There are many challenges in the world that we often try to complete it. But it is not easy to complete them and sometimes people lost their lives but if one takes all the necessary precautions then they can complete it. There are many people who complete the hardest challenge and the name of Grant Flynn has been added to this list. BINMAN Grant discloses how he used his Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as his personal wonderful superpower to trash his rivals in SAS: Who Dares Wins. Recently watchers viewed the Edinburgh refuse collector to become the 1st Scotsman to triumph over the toughest challenge of the telly.

Grant Flynn Sas Who Dares Wins

Grant Flynn Sas Who Dares Wins

The 37-year-old strong man believes it was his recently diagnosed ADHD that got him over the completing line. He recently talked about his winning and how he complete it. He states that “Individuals with ADHD are naturally quite hyperactive but we can use a lot of these particular traits to use it as a big advantage. We are capable to run on epinephrine all the time, which I know most individuals discover quite tough, but it is what individuals with ADHD do all the time. We cope well in a crisis and tough situation so I was able to use that in order to finish the course. With each passage of time, I started feeling like a superhuman.”

What Is SAS: Who Dares Win?

Before talking about the main subject, it is necessary to know the basic details of the show so that those who are hearing the name for the first time will get an idea of it. SAS: Who Dares Wins is a reality quasi-military training television program telecast by Channel 4 in the UK since 19th October 2015. People are quite loving this show watch it is basically a reality show which has a total of 8 main series and out of them 4 were celebrity spin-off series. The basic format of the show is to pit contestants against harsh and difficult environments throughout the globe in a shortened 2-week long training course that is particularly fabricated to imitate a number of details of the real and actual UK Special Forces selection course.

Recently Grant has completed this season along with other people. Grant and Joshua and Hilary were the only 3 contestants who finished SAS: Who Dares Wins Jungle Hell. Initially, 19 contestants participated in it but only 3 were able to finish it. Joshua is a professional boxer and is just 24 years old. He hails from Ilford, London, and 31-year-old Hilary is a personal trainer who hails from Barnet. People really enjoyed watching it and are already desperate to watch the next season.

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