‘My Daughter Is Having A Baby With My Best Friend’ Slammed By Reddit

A viral Reddit story titled ‘My daughter had a baby with my friend’ ended up hating users with an unexpected twist. Stories about relationships and families were shared secretly on Reddit which shocked readers with shocking details that many couldn’t believe were true. Unlike “AITA embarrass my wife in the grocery store” or “I refuse to submit to our boyfriend’s text”, what we talk about today focuses on three parties – his mother, childhood best friend and questionable relationship. a teenage girl.

My Daughter Is Having A Baby With My Best Friend Reddit

The above story from Reddit is getting a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons, as a 38-year-old woman took to the platform to ask for advice on her relationship with her friend and teenage daughter, with whom she was romantically involved. The Reddit user identified his best friend as Jamie, and they’ve known each other since high school. A woman confesses to be pregnant with her daughter Sam in high school, and after the baby daddy leaves, Jamie takes care of her and her daughter. The woman only realized that her best friend was secretly in love with her.

Jamie helps her best friend navigate life as a single teenage mother by taking care of Sam and treating her like “her own daughter” when her mother is at work or otherwise busy. And Sam called Jamie “Uncle Dad”. Jamie and Sam’s relationship makes Mom look at her best friend differently. The informal couple started sleeping with each other and Jamie eventually moved in with Sam and his mother. Things between Jamie and the Reddit user lasted for three weeks until Sam’s dad wanted to spend some “alone” time with Sam and his mom on his birthday. While Sam was sleeping, his mom and dad started drinking while watching a movie and, as a Reddit user put it, “one thing led to another,” and they went to bed unprotected, leaving Sam’s mom. Reddit user Jamie can’t lie, so she says she babysits her ex and believes he’s not her friend because she always uses protection, and it’s timed to coincide with Sam’s dad’s birthday. Jamie is furious and asks his best friend to stay put, but when Sam’s mother stops going back to her ex, the relationship ends.

Years passed, Jamie was married with two children and was married to someone when Reddit users connected through Facebook. Soon, sparks flew between the two as good as before, but now they are married to different people. The current Reddit user’s husband is not Sam’s father, but another man named Jerry, who does not know about Jamie and his wife’s romantic past. Jamie and the Reddit user kept the boundary as they were happy in their relationship until their previous marriage ended and they officially remarried. But Jamie and Jerry are now closer and act like they have known each other for a long time.

She also sobbed in Jamie’s arms, lamenting that Sam got pregnant at 17 and set a wrong example for her teenage daughter, who took after the Reddit user’s mother. After Sam gave birth to her baby, she was devastated and lost contact with her baby daddy, so the Reddit user became a babysitter for her grandson, and being around Jamie while Jerry was at work helped her relive the past. Jerry was a truck driver, so it was his job to keep him away from home. A Reddit user said she was embarrassed to admit that she had slept with Jamie a few times while he was away. As for the baby, Sam and the baby’s teenage father decided to adopt him because his parents could not take good care of the baby. The Reddit user was reluctant to give up on his grandson, but accepted the truth and tried to stay in touch with Jamie. A few months later, Sam tells his mom that he’s dating someone new and is excited to bring her home. However, Reddit user Jamie was surprised to find her daughter’s new boyfriend, who returned home without hesitation. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Sam then revealed that she was pregnant with Jamie’s child! Sam’s mother is at a loss for words when she discovers that her daughter has slept with the same man. She can’t even believe that she will be the mother of her ex-boyfriend’s daughter.

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