WATCH: Scottish Toddler Tiktok Sansation Slang Words In Hilarious Clips

We always say social media platforms are the best way to earn money and fame at the same time. But it is not that much easy as it looks as one should need to make unique content and consistency of making it as once you get viral then it is up to you how to hold the interest of other users with your content. It is easy to be in 1st position but hard to maintain your same place as anyone who came to take it if you become lenient. But the 1st step is to pull attention which is not an easy task to do but some people managed to do it. One such toddler is currently doing the same and at a very young age manages to get her wages from social media.

Scottish Toddler Tiktok

Scottish Toddler Tiktok

She became a sensation on Tiktok and earns a wage using Scottish slang words in funny clips. Not only the content of the toddler but her smile is also winning the heart of people she is so cute and that is why her hilarious slang is making us her fan. Now, this toddler has become a TikTok sensation and trending on other social media platforms as well so it is obvious for people to find the details here. Those who came here after watching the craze of toddlers are surely keen to know about her before watching her content. Then you don’t need to go anywhere as this website will help you to share information about the toddler.

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Scottish Toddler Tiktok

Who Is The Scottish Toddler Tiktok?

The name of this young sensation is Ivy Connelly who is just 2 years old and already become a star. She has accumulated 86,600 admirers and was identified on holiday in Cyprus. With just her 1 one video, she has managed to accumulate more than 7.7 million views and got more than 5.1 million likes on her account, “Ivy the Scottish toddler”. This munchkin loves using along which is actually in the Scots language. She is amusing her fans and watchers with her antics and not only this she was even paid close to £300 in the past 2 months.

Scottish Toddler Tiktok

34, Sam Connelly is the mother of chatterbox tot is a nurse by profession who has set up the account of her daughter in TikTok at the time of Lockdown and has unsuccessfully attempted to teach IVY to “talk posh”. Ivy hails from Greenock which is located in Inverclyde has earned around £169 last month which will be saved for her future in a bank account. Within 2 months her video has got 6.8 million views, 981,000 likes, 15,000 comments, and more than 180,000 people watched her profile. Her mother is again expecting a 2nd baby and she plans to continue to make the videos of Ivy.

Scottish Toddler Tiktok

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