What is the Gacon test? How Pochettino using it on Chelsea squad?

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Gacon test

What is the Gacon test?

It was reported that after a disastrous season and mediocre levels of performances from Chelsea players in the 2022-2023 season. There are many things that are about to change at an immediate level under the new managership of Pochettino. The former Spurs manager wanted his players to work hard and give their best by working to their limits in the game. Knowingly, his training methods might sound intense and grueling, but he is sure that the players will work hard. Gacon Test is one of the components of Poch’s sessions. In this article, a breakdown of how this Gacon Beep Test will help the Chelsea squad coming into the new season is given below. Before anything else, let’s know what Gacon Test actually is.

Gacon Test or Beep test is created by Professor Georges Caon in 1994. It was believed that the fitness expert was the manager of the French National Team for middle-distance runners. He was in charge of the team from 1984-1994 and then joined the French football top-tier club Marseille as a fitness trainer. This test is an intermittent way of contemplating if a player can increase their speed with 45 seconds of running at a distance. This exercise is mostly taken up by football managers who like their teams to press high up the pitch. This is what the setup of a Gacon Test looks like. It is believed that the players line up at a starting point.

The players are then asked to run 125 meters within 45 seconds.  Once the first set of that is completed, players are given a 15-second break after which the process is repeated in the opposite direction. Albeit the distance is increased this time by 6.25m which covers a total distance of 131.25m. Knowingly, with each set, the distance is increased by 6.25m while the running and rest times remain the same. The process continued until the players are unable to complete the set distance within 45 seconds. Continue reading for more details.

The new manager, Mauricio Pochettino aims to improve the dressing room morale and performances on the pitch, after spending more than $700m on transfer in Todd Boehly’s first season as co-owner. Despite that, kind of lavish spending, the Blues could only manage a non-decent 12th finish in the Premier League. The majority of the Stamford Bridge squad has accepted such work ethics from the new boss after acknowledging that they were well behind the fitness levels required last lesson.

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