Why Paige Ellis Leaving BNN: Where He Is Going, New Job And Salary

The most shocking news is here. The well-known journalist Paige Ellis is now leaving BNN. She was one of the most recognized journalists and reporters from BNN. In the past few months, we all have listed that many reporters are now leaving their jobs at BNN or whatever company they work in. Many reporters are now looking for a job change. She has officially announced that she is now leaving BNN. Since then her fans have been shocked. Some other fans are asking her why she is leaving BNN and some of her fans are supporting her. So to know everything about her new job, salary, and net worth read this entire article.

Paige Ellis

Why Paige Ellis Leaving BNN

Paige Ellis is a well-known journalist and reporter. She is mostly recognized as the face of BNN. She is a prominent figure in the world of BNN. She is mostly known as the BNN Bloomberg’s Bay Street reporter. She is an expert in financial news. Now after being a part of BNN for a very long time, she has finally announced that she has quiet BNN. Now she is looking for some new opportunities in her life. She announced her departure on her official social media page. Now she is going to look at her next career move. Keep reading this article.

Paige Ellis Leaving BNN

Since the announcement of her departure, many of her fans have been excited to learn about her new journey. Her fans want to know, where is Paige Ellis going after leaving BNN. So till now, her next move in her career after leaving BNN has remained a mystery. She has not shared any news about her new job. She just announced that she is leaving BNN and said that she is going to look at new opportunities in her career. Continue reading this article till the last.

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Paige Ellis

Paige Ellis didn’t announce where is she going after leaving BNN. She said that soon she is going to announce her new career. She is soon going to tell everyone about her new destination. Right now she just needs some time and some personal space. Her contribution to BNN will be remembered always and we all are going to miss watching her in BNN. But it is really exciting that soon we are going to watch her in a new place. We wish her a successful journey and may she come back soon to the industry with new energy.

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