‘Aita For Taking A Percentage’ Slammed By Reddit

The Reddit post in question isn’t as surprising as a mother and teenager in a relationship with the same romantic partner, or “my wife wants to divorce me because I’m traveling.” However, social media users are very worried about the father controlling his elder son. A Reddit user said that his son turned 18 this March, and since he started working when he was 15 years old, his father took a percentage of his salary to fund college.

‘Aita For Taking A Percentage

Aita For Taking A Percentage Reddit

His teenage son never had this problem, until his father tried to “teach” him and his wife how to budget for his safety net, now that his son is old. So he asked his 18-year-old son to pay for what his father described as a “very poor” meal, and he assumed his son could easily afford it because he worked the night shift. This happened well until one day his son came home drunk, which led to an argument with his father, who tried to teach him how to budget. When confronted, the son said he regularly drank beer after work but decided to drink two bottles at the sale that day.

The father is fed up with his son’s spending on alcohol and asks why he spends so much money when he budgeted for the food he eats. The eldest son does not want to be asked by his father about his spending, because he can pay for breakfast only after taking interest from his income. The son says the beer is “cheap” and drinks it after work, but the father insists his son must earn enough money to buy three meals a day.

However, when the argument escalated and the father said that the money was collected for his college fund, the son got angry and said, “Oh, maybe I don’t want to go to college, maybe I want to eat.” The father was unwilling to back down because his son was going to college in a few months, and he convinced himself that the reason was due to his son drinking the night before. But, the next day, he realized that his son was still upset, so his father asked him not to “save a percentage of his salary for college”.

A Reddit user is calling for a father to take control of his eldest son’s finances, as he struggles to meet basic needs like three meals a day. The user said that the father “stole” from his son and that he should resign. “You stole from the big man, YTA of course,” said one. Another said the above: “You’ve been teaching him for 18 years, it’s time to really let him use it, maybe you’ll fall without stealing another grown-up’s money.” “YTA is 18 years old and needs to control his finances. You can’t tell how a grown man spends his money. Give it to him and what he does is his deal,” he said.

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