French Husband Drugs Wife ‘let 83 men rape her while drugged’

A French man is charged with drugging his wife and filming at least 83 ‘aggressors’ raping her over the course of a ten-year period. It’s believed that “Dominique P” found his wife’s assailants on the website without her knowing, where people discuss executing sex acts on unaware partners, and stored the proof in a file named ABUSED in a USB drive. Investigators discovered 92 incidences of rape between 2011 and 2020, and 51 individuals, ranging in age from 26 to 73, have been identified and accused of raping his wife of 50 years, alias Francoise. The husband is accused of slipping the sedative Lorazepam into his wife’s food to make her sleepy, then inviting guys to have $ex with her at their Mazan, near Avignon, house while she was asleep. After Dominique was apprehended in 2020 for photographing up shopper’s skirts in a grocery store in the neighborhood of Carpentras, investigators discovered the horrifying footage when they searched his home in Provence and found camera equipment and dozens of videos of his wife’s assault.

French Husband Drugs Wife

French Husband Drugs Wife

The source said that Dominique planned to assault his wife while she was asleep using an online forum called a son insu without the victim’s knowledge. Investigators have compiled a list of 83 aggressors and 92 incidences of rape of Francoise, but they have not yet located all of the suspected attackers. A firefighter, a municipal councilor, a jail officer, a nurse, and a journalist are among those accused. A total of 33 people had reportedly been imprisoned as of 2021, with nine more being sought. At the time, Louis-Alain Lemaire, an attorney representing some of the accused, said that some people thought the wife was simulating unconsciousness as part of a $ex game.

French Husband Drugs Wife
Dominique P

Because the husband claimed to have briefed them before each incident of abuse, the detectives contended that the suspects must have known the victim had been drugged. The prosecution asserts that Dominique maintains that none of the accused assailants gave up going through with sexual acts on his wife given her state and that the alleged attacks took place between 2011 and 2020. Each victim had the choice to stop the rapes and leave, they note, and Dominique never used violence or threats to make sure they occurred.

French Husband Drugs Wife
Sophie Narme

It’s believed that several of the rapists visited the house more than once. Many claim that they were not aware Francoise had not given her agreement for the interactions. Guests allegedly received instructions to park far from the home and to refrain from bringing in strong odors like smoke or perfume that would awaken her. One allegedly stated, while denying rape, “It’s his wife, he does what he likes to do with her.” In 2020, when Dominique was being investigated on suspicion of employing a covert camera to record ladies changing at a store, police discovered the films. Next year is anticipated to see a trial. So, Stay tuned to pkb news.

French Husband Drugs Wife
Mazan, south of France

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