Was Shallipopi Arrested By The EFCC?

This article is to address the ongoing rumors about the arrest of Shallipopi. It is rumored that famous Nigerian singer and Tiktok star Shallipopi was arrested in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Is it true? We have published this article to answer all the imperative questions related to Shallipopi’s arrest news, that are prevailing in people’s minds after coming across these rumors. On social media, a number of posts are spreading rumors about Shallipopi’s arrest. In fact, it is going viral like a fire in the forest. Meanwhile, netizens and his followers have been left perplexed if was Shallipopi arrested by EFCC or not. if you are also seeking the answer to this question, kindly pay attention to the next section. Swipe down the page.

Why Was Shallipopi Arrested

Was Shallipopi Arrested By The EFCC?

The rumors on social media claimed that famous singer Shallipopi was arrested in Kaduna State, Nigeria by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). When we tried to find out the origin of this news, it was learned that a video on TikTok spread this news but there is no official confirmation or statement from the authorities and EFCC regarding Shallipopi’s arrest. We can not rely on a TikTok video about such sensitive news which can also hurt Shallipopi’s sentiments. Scroll down the page and read more details.

We denounce the ongoing rumors about the Nigerian singer Shallipopi. He was not arrested by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Talking about the TikTok video which is the origin of the rumors of Shallipopi’s arrest, it is lack concrete evidence. The viral video does not show any verified, valuable, reliable, or official statement about Shallipopi’s arrest. Apparently, the video is fake and was made for the sake of views and followers on TikTok. Scroll down the page and read more details.

If you are still seeing posts related to Shallipopi’s arrest in your news feed, you should avoid the source spreading the wrong information. Millions of people were perplexed and misled because of that viral TikTok video. Therefore, it is very imperative to verify the sensitive news with a valuable source before spreading or forwarding it on the internet. Talking about Shallipopi, was born on December 4, 2000. As of 2023, he has turned 22 years old. He is widely acknowledged for his song titled “Elon Musk”. Elon Musk is his most recent song which is doing good business on the internet. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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