Imran Khan Arrested: Why was Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan arrested? Charges Explained

Today’s front page story is that Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan was arrested yesterday. Needless to mention, the whole of Pakistan is supporting Imran Khan, and as a result of his arrest, a mass protest has erupted across the country. In addition, violent clashes were reported between the security forces and his supporters. Since it was confirmed that Imran Khan has been arrested and taken into custody, it seems that everyone in the country is demonstrating against the Pakistan army and government. However, numerous questions also have been raised by people about the former PM’s arrest. Do you know what are the charges against Imran Khan and in what relation he was arrested? If not, this article will let you know more about it. So be sticky with this page and must go through this article till the end. Drag down the page.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan Arrested

Recent reports have claimed that one causality occurred in the city of Quetta during the mass protest in the country amid the arrest of Imran Khan. Nationwide protests in Pakistan, led the United States and the United Kingdom to call for adherence to the rule of law. Reportedly, the former Prime Minister of Pakistan and PTI leader, Imran Khan was arrested in Islamabad at the High Court. Drag down the page and read more details.

The security forces arrested Mr. Khan at the High Court in the capital, Islamabad. In addition, footage of Mr. Khan from the High Court also has surfaced on the internet, which is sparking outrage on social media as well. The dramatic footage shows officers in large numbers arriving and arresting Mr. Khan and later being taken away in a bundle of vehicles. What are the charges against Mr. Khan? Scroll down the page and take a look below to get this.

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As per the reports, Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan appeared in court on corruption charges which he remarked were politically motivated. Amid the threat of Imran Khan’s arrest before Tuesday, the internet services in the country had been suspended by the interior ministry. On Friday, the Interior minister issued an order to suspend the mobile data services in the country to prevent the growing fear of protest. Reports have claimed that protests in front of army compounds also took place. Shift to the next section and read more details.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistan’s army plays a vital role in the country’s politics as it seizes power in military coups. Likewise, some also claim that Imran Khan won the general election in 2018 with the help of the military but now Mr. Khan is the most vocal critic of the Pakistan army. Footage from Lahore came up on Twitter, showing the public breaking into the military corps commander’s residence and damaging furniture and other things inside the home. Drag down the page and read more details.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan’s Sisters’ Angry Reaction on Imran Khan Arrest 

Why was Imran Khan Arrested?

The US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asserted that he wanted to ensure that “whatever happens in Pakistan is consistent with the rule of law, with the constitution” While James Cleverly, the Foreign Secretary of the UK noted that Britain enjoyed a longstanding and close relationship with Commonwealth member Pakistan and want to see the rule of law adhered to. The supporters of Mr. Khan gathered outside the Pakistan High Commission in London to demonstrate against the Pakistani federal government.

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Imran Khan

Imran Khan Arrested | Ex-Wife Reham Khan Reaction  

Three days ago Imran Khan shared a video of his party’s male and female leaders who were rallying in support of the Constitution & Rule of Law, were apprehended and detained by the ICT police. Mr. Khan wrote, Despite IHC recognizing peaceful rally as a fundamental right under Articles 15,16,17 &19 of Constitution in its ruling on our petition; & despite being a rally in support of Constitution & Rule of Law, ICT police unleashed violence against our women & men. We have now descended into the law of the jungle & become a banana republic. That is why I have been appealing to our citizens unless we all stand up for the Rule of Law, there will be no future for a prosperous & democratic Pakistan.

Imran Khan

Singer Somia Khan came in support of Imran Khan. She posted a video on the internet which has been removed now. The singer wrote, “Today I m very sad for Imran Khan as a human Imran Khan is a very great person people are not doing good with him. Allah imran khan sab ko apni pana main rakhe, ameen” Mr. Khan was ousted as Prime Minister last year in April. Since then the former prime minister has been rallying and campaigning for early elections in the country but the General elections are scheduled to take place in the last of this year. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

Imran Khan

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