What is ‘Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon Meme’? TikTok Fans react

If you have been on social media over the past few days, you’ve probably seen an incandescent doctor played by Freddie Highmore, yelling that he is a surgeon while an impassive Dr. Jackson Han played by Daniel Dae Huyn Kim watches from his desk. It is a fascinating few seconds of television, especially when it’s been divorced of all context, then remixed, amplified, and snipped into smaller memes. Read the article further and follow us around for more insights. The Good Doctor is a show originally adapted from the South Korean drama Good Doctor, and it is aired in the United States on ABC States on ABC for six seasons, recently confirmed for a seventh season, and is potentially set to get a spinoff.

Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon Meme

What is ‘Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon Meme’?

The show is also available to stream on Hulu. The main protagonist is Shaun Murphy, portrayed by Freddie Highmore, an autistic doctor and to be more specific, he’s a surgeon.  The clip of the scene, which has now circulated across numerous social media platforms, seems to have first been interpreted ironically on TikTok. Users initially posted it in full in the month of late April, then it proliferated in a series of increasingly absurd edits before making its way onto Twitter.

Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon Meme

‘I Am a Surgeon’ Scene From The Good Doctor Goes Viral

Currently, people are not sharing this clip because they are amazed by Highmore’s intense performance or the quality of the script. The contrast between Dr. Murphy’s intensity and Dr. Han’s stoicism reads as patently absurd, especially taken out of context. The emotional explosion paired with the repetition and a completely unconvinced witness has become fodder for memes – ranging from people extending the logic to Young Sheldon or TikTokersn layering the audio clip over video of maneuvers that require manual dexterity.


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Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon Meme emerged on social media

In a long enough timeline, any show is going to turn out a few intense clips that become meme canon for the show. Consider the case of One Tree Hill, where a dramatic organ donation-related storyline was suddenly derailed when a guy tripped, the cooler opened, and a dog walked up and ate the human heart that toppled out. In the case of The Good Doctor, people are taking the scene and running with it to co-create new memes that are not at all based on the show’s canon. In perhaps the most absurd takes, fans have even adapted Highmore’s lines into memes about being a sturgeon.


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Good Doctor I Am A Surgeon fans react to Memes

The supervisor and mentor in the surgeon scene, Dr. Han, is a series antagonist and has become a meme in and of himself, with fans declaring themselves ‘Hanpilled’ and posting their ‘Live Dr. Han reactions’. He ends up losing in the show. Spoiler alert for The Good Doctor: We guess but he tries to fire Shaun and ends up firing himself. Despite this, people love him. Additional context coming from other clips in the show doesn’t help Dr. Han’s case, either. He is transphobic, abrasive, cruel, and prone to explosive behavior Dr. Han is the subject of memes that fans like – though he is a jerk and Dr. Murphy is the cringe surgeon.

The Good Doctor can be streamed on Hulu, but it remains to be seen whether this running gag will have the kind of enduring appeal others – like that bit from One Tree Hill have retained, long past its series finale.

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