Why is Paul Haysom Leaving Global News? Reason explored

Paul Haysom is said to be leaving Global News. The rumors have spread all over the internet. Are the rumors about him leaving Global News true or not? People are curious to know more about the incident. Keep reading for more information.

Paul Haysom Leaving Global News

Is Paul Haysom Leaving Global News?

There have been a lot of rumors about Paul Hayson leaving Global News. Fans are eager to know whether the rumors are true or not. According to sources, the rumors about Paul Haysom leaving Global News are true. Global News has also given farewell on his leaving. They have mentioned that Paul worked with them for 6 years. It was a journey full of experiences, learning, and growth. He achieved many new milestones in his journey. He also had personal changes in his life. He adopted a dog, he grew his beard fully for the first time, and he also got his life partner during this journey.

he got married to Nikki. She is a director. He was in the morning news department. He was the face of Global Vancouver. There has not been any replacement till now. Global News is looking for a replacement for the show. He also has made the announcement publicly. He announced on 16th June. He shares his journey and expressed his feeling for his workplace. People are getting curious to know more about the reason behind Paul Haysom leaving Global News. He has mentioned that he has received another opportunity that will give him exposure to new things. He has also accepted the opportunity. He will work in a new position now. This was the reason for him leaving Global News.

He mentioned on Twitter from his account @PaulHayson that 2:45 am was his last shift for the place. He thanked everyone and posted a picture of his office.

Where Will Paul Haysom Work Now?

Paul Haysom is said to left Global News. He will be working at CHEK New. He will be doing the shift of 6. He will be an anchor there. While on the other hand, Global News is searching for a new candidate That takes his vacant place. He had an amazing journey with Global News. There has not been any conflict between Paul Haysom and Global News. The only reason for him leaving was he got a better opportunity at another place. This was all about Paul Haysom leaving Global News. Stay tuned for more details on our website.

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