Dr. Hook’s arrival in ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ review and ratings

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Dr Hook Voltes V Legacy

Dr Hook Voltes V Legacy

The GMA Network will air the 2023 Philippine science fiction and fantasy television series Voltes V: Legacy. The television show is based on the Japanese anime Voltes V. Miguel Tanfelix, Radson Flores, Matt Lozano, Raphael Landicho, and Ysabel Ortega are among the cast members under Mark A. Reyes V’s direction. On May 8, 2023, it made its debut on the Telebabad lineup of the network, taking the place of Mga Lihim ni Urduja. YouTube offers online streaming for the show. The Japanese anime television series Voltes V, created by Toei Company and Sunrise, has been adapted for live-action television as Voltes V: Legacy by the GMA Network. Through Telesuccess Productions, Toei’s Philippine licensee, GMA Network obtained the rights to produce a live-action adaptation.

In “Voltes V: Legacy,” Neil Ryan Sese finally made his acting debut as Dr. Hook. In the episode airing on Thursday, Boazanian forces invade Camp Big Falcon after being tricked into entering by a humanoid spy for Prince Zardoz who appeared to be Ned Armstrong. Due to all the damage they have sustained, the camp is in danger because their protective barrier won’t work. In their hour of need, Dr Hook appears. The engineering department predicts that repairs will take more than two hours to activate the barrier. The CBF is handed over to the newcomer by General Oscar Robinson (Gabby Eigenmann), who also gives the technicians emergency settings to activate the barrier without making repairs.

Little Jon agreed with his suggestion when the experts questioned if it would work after the Volt Frigate suffered some damage. Little Jon had returned to the camp by this point. The CBF barrier successfully came back online and shielded the camp from additional attacks after the fresh configurations were put in place. But Dr Hook doesn’t show up until after Dr Richard Smith (Albert Martinez) dies at the hands of the humanoid spy. Dr Smith served as a father figure to the majority of the Voltes V team, who are mourning his passing. They reverence his remains, then salute him one last time.

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