Abhishek Malhan Aka Fukra Insaan Bio, Net Worth, Age, Family

You can find comprehensive information about Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukra Insaan, including his biography, net worth, age, height, family, and other relevant details in this article. With the commencement of Big Boss OTT Season 2, the contestants are already attracting attention and generating headlines. Learning about the participants of the show is always an engaging aspect for the audience. The audience’s curiosity about the contestants’ personalities is indeed heightened by understanding their backgrounds. To facilitate this, we’ve compiled a detailed biography of Abhishek Malhan, a contestant on BB OTT 2. In this article, you will delve into Abhishek Malhan’s aka Fukra Insaan’s biography, net worth, age, height, and family background.

Fukra Insaan

Abhishek Malhan Aka Fukra Insaan Bio

Abhishek Malhan adopts the online persona of Fukra Insaan, a prominent social media influencer and YouTuber. Hailing from Delhi, he was born and raised in this vibrant city. Notably, his siblings also hold recognition as well-known YouTubers. Fukra Insaan completed his education at Lancer Convent School in Delhi and subsequently pursued his studies at Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, a constituent college of Delhi University, where he earned a business diploma. His journey into the digital realm gained momentum when he launched his YouTube channel in July 2019. Remarkably, within just two years, Abhishek’s channel garnered over 4 million subscribers, indicative of his growing popularity. Currently, he is a resident of the Big Boss OTT 2 House, a platform that will undoubtedly provide an intriguing insight into his personality. Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan Vote Count Today – Direct Voting Link, How To Vote In Bigg Boss OTT Season 2?

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Abhishek Malhan aka Fukra Insaan Overview

Real NameAbhishek Malhan
Social Media NameFukra Insaan
Date of Birth24 May 1997
Age26 Years
Parents Name
  • Vinay Malhan
  • Dimple Malhan
Name of his collegeDelhi College of Arts and Commerce
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer and YouTuber
Siblings Name
  • Prerna Malhan
  • Nishchay Malhan
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net Worth1.5 Million

Beyond his online persona, Abhishek Malhan possesses diverse talents. He is recognized as a singer, rapper, and YouTuber, showcasing his creative versatility. Furthermore, he previously held the position of CEO at The Mr Bond Company, a role that he relinquished in 2021 following the sale of his business. Fukra Insaan initially gained significant attention through a YouTube video that compared the disparity between “Rupees 20 water vs. Rupees 600 water.” This video resonated widely, amassing a substantial number of views. Encouraged by its success, he ventured into creating more content, further solidifying his online presence. With an enthusiastic fan base supporting him, Abhishek Malhan’s appearance on the show promises to be captivating. The intense interest of viewers in obtaining in-depth information about Bigg Boss contestants is evident. As a response to this interest, we present you with a comprehensive biography, including net worth, age, height, and family background, of Abhishek Malhan, also known as Fukra Insaan.

Fukra Insaan

His father is a businessman, despite coming from a family of YouTubers. Vinay Malhan, an entrepreneur, is his father; Dimple Malhan is his mother. His sister and brother are Prerna and Nishchay Malhan, respectively. Along with him, his mother, brother, and sister are well-known YouTubers. His mother’s channel is called “Dimple’s Kitchen,” while his brother’s channel is called “Triggered Insaan.” Abhishek Malhan is now single because he has not made any disclosures regarding his relationships. Abhishek Malhan is a dedicated full-time YouTuber who initiated his YouTube venture in 2019. His cumulative video views have surpassed 60 million, reflecting his widespread popularity. Beyond his role as a YouTuber, Abhishek is also recognized as an entrepreneur, rapper, and singer. His initial YouTube channel goes by the name “Fukra Insaan,” while his second channel is named “Fukra Insan Live.”

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Abhishek Malhan Family
Abhishek Malhan Family

With over 200 distinct videos on his channel and a substantial subscriber count of 5.65 million, Abhishek employs his unique approach to crafting engaging content. His creative process involves repurposing his own material to generate new and captivating videos. Abhishek’s musical journey took off with “Big Life” in 2021, and he has since produced notable music videos including “Tum Mere” (2021), “Rahan” (2022), “Din te Raat” (2023), and “Tum Mere 2” (2023), among others. Collaboration is another hallmark of his work, as he has teamed up with renowned YouTubers such as Carry Minati and Ashish Chanchalani for various video projects. In interviews, Abhishek has revealed his aspiration to become a businessman and his establishment of a company named ‘Mr. Bond’ during his college years. However, he opted to shutter the business in 2021.

Abhishek Malhan Family
Abhishek Malhan with his Father and Mother

Abhishek produces original content spanning various genres including challenges, gaming, and prank videos. In 2023, he and his brother Nischay Malhan made an appearance on the popular YouTube talk show, ‘The Thugesh Show.’ His achievements include both silver and golden YouTube play buttons. Entering the Big Boss House, Abhishek Malhan, known as Fukra Insan, brings his unique flavor to the reality show. As a contestant, he has garnered attention for his pranks and entertaining content. His journey within the house has yet to attract negative publicity. Observing a YouTube sensation navigate the intriguing dynamics of the controversial show, Big Boss, adds an extra layer of interest for viewers. As Abhishek embarks on his stint in the Big Boss House, we extend our best wishes for his experience and performance. With this, we conclude this article, but more related content can be found on the homepage of our website.

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